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  1. What quiet insert do I need for this pipe?
  2. 2002 plastics look great on the 2001. 2002 (and up) graphics will fit on 01 & 02 plastics with minimal trimming. See my 01 for sale in classifieds : Also notice the background covering part of the side plate - gives it a little more up to date look. I agree, the 01 motor is one of the best Honda put out.
  3. Thanks on the .4 reserve amount!
  4. What's the fuel capacity on the XR400. I believe it has a 2.5 gallon tank. How much of that is reserve? thanks!
  5. Cool - looks like some variance in 200, 250, 300 and years. Could get confusing. I was just looking at putting a slightly thicker o-ring in my '06 300 and your post caught my attention - again, I do appreciate that. Looks like the 28 is what will go in mine. Funny thing at the local KTM dealer here, they had the part numbers you suggested but not the ones I needed. Must be some necessity to carry what you recommended. Hmm, gas caps and o-rings the Austrians may not have figured out quite yet.
  6. My point was to simply ask which one was the bigger o-ring and attempt to get a simple answer. The o-ring you suggested is the smaller one and would not work for my application, being an '06 300 XC-W. The seal, on the other hand is .5 mm larger and I do appreciate that suggestion as depth will increase the seal a bit more.
  7. I believe I found it - 260 mm stock. I just put a 320 mm EBC full floating on my motarded 400 . .and WHAT a difference. EBC carbon/metallic race pads are on too.
  8. can anyone tell which o-ring is bigger? 0770248022 (28, 80x2.20) (I would think this one) OR 0770250020 (25, 00x2.00)
  9. Are these KTM part numbers for these thicker o-rings and seals?
  10. Yes, what washer is this?
  11. smallest I've seen is a 40T -
  12. Sorry - I should have been more specific - I was looking for the diameter size.
  13. What is the mm size of the disk on a XR400R (1997)?
  14. Looks fantastic, inverted forks, shrouds off the tank - FINALLY got the XR more up to date looking. E-start I'm sure, BUT . . no kickstarter??? Still a little surprised with no radiator and liquid cooled.
  15. Great looking bike weety! 250cc gonna be directed for a specific market/rider, but in it's element it will rock. Do have a question - what is the rear wheel RIM WIDTH and TIRE SIZE it came with? I'm in the middle of an XR400R motard conversion and that is my last step. Seems like most middle weight motards are around the 4.25 x 17 rear rim. running a 140 tire. I've actually seen a 5" rim on a stock swingarm (XR400R) with a 160 tire - but it was TOO tight. Enjoy the tard!! +1 to Yamaha for following KTM & Suz (among others) entering the motard stream!