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  1. CRF4Tune

    Senate May Move on Public Lands Omnibus Bill

    Sent off for shizzle. I can only hope and pray that Boxer and Fienstien have "assistants" who will read this and persuade them to vote opposite their normal positions, as those "assistants" seem to be the only ones who ever see actual emails and petitions from said legislator's constituents. Here's to hope for future
  2. CRF4Tune

    2" Hitch Mounted Bike Hauler

    To help you with your quandry, it depends on what Class hitch you have, as well as the GTW x 10% (rough way of estimating tongue weight capacity) of your vehicle. Class III receiver can carry 350-500 lbs of tongue weight. Class IV receiver can carry 500+ lbs of tongue weight, all of this provided you don't exceed your vehicles Tongue Weight Capacity (Calculation derived from above). Be sure to add the weight of the Bikes to the weight of the carrier to make sure you aren't overloading the receiver.
  3. CRF4Tune

    Rides in the chico, ca area?

    Hey all! What's up? I'm getting the bike out in the next few weeks to do some pre-ride maintenance and give her good detail. Anyone looking to go riding when it cools off? I live in Chico.
  4. I signed as well. I believe that designating an area wilderness is a stopgap measure at trying to retain a natural appearance. It is more critical that we keep these lands open to all and implement maintenance measures so that all can enjoy the area, not limit access.
  5. CRF4Tune

    Thumpstar question

    Wheelin, you might want to make sure that the cam timing is correct. If it is off it can cause valve to piston interferance that will not let the engine rotate fully. This would make sense since it rotates completely with the cylinder head off. I would also advise to check the top of piston to top of cylinder hieght at the top of stroke to make sure the piston is not poking out of the top of the cylinder. This would cause piston to cylinder head interferance. Hope you get it runnin'