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  1. markreid

    Bubba's got a tummy ache

    It's always something with that guy! The fact of the matter is that he can't race! He was always out front in the 125 cc, but not anymore. I'm no expert and I can't ride motocross myself, but I see what I see. The guy gets in the middle of some people and he freaks out and crashes. "You are understandably correct ... if you agree with my point of view"
  2. markreid

    Size of XR250/400 riders?

    I'm 6'2 - 300 lbs. We have a 5 mile CC technical loop with lots of uphills and downhills & my XR (Stock) is great! Soft in the ass, but that's due to the stock springs being rated for a guy more your weight. In fact, I am in the process of replacing my rear spring with the proper size. Good luck with your pick.
  3. markreid

    Rear Spring Assembly XR400

    Thanks to all. Mike I appreciate the email. I think I can get this thing done now. I suppose this new spring will make all the difference?
  4. markreid

    Rear Spring Assembly XR400

    Hi fellow thumpers; I just got a new 11.5 kg Eibach Shock Spring for my '04. (Since I weigh 300 lbs and the stock spring was rated for maybe 180). I'm about to tear off the rear end and try to replace that spring myself. Does anybody know where I can get some info on that Spring Assembly? I am not mechanically inclined whatsoever, but It looks like the whole shock assembly has to come out of there before I can switch out the springs - but I cannot see how that spring comes off of there. What am I getting myself into?
  5. markreid

    Fat Guy needs Stiffer Rear Spring

    Thanks for the info everybody.
  6. markreid

    Fat Guy needs Stiffer Rear Spring

    Okay. I'm not mechanicaly ept, and I know that admittance is the first step to a cure. I went to racetech.com and this is what they said; Type of Riding: Desert / Enduro / Trail Rider Weight: 300 lbs Recommended Spring Rate: 11.80 kg/mm (use closest available) Stock Shock Spring Rate (measured): 9.8 kg/mm (stock) The specs on the XR400R say the shock is; Pro-Link Showa single-shock with spring-preload, 16-position compression and 16-position rebound-damping adjustability; 11.8-inch travel. The question; The travel rating of 11.8" and the spring rate of 11.8 kg/mm are not the same right? Can my existing shock (stock) be adjusted to gain the needed advantage? Thanks
  7. markreid

    Fat Guy needs Stiffer Rear Spring

    Thanks a lot for that info. I'll go check it out right away!
  8. 'Sup fello thumpers? A little help. I weigh 300 lbs and my XR-400 carries me through most everything i throw underneath it, but I bottom out frequently. What should I do to stiffen my ride?