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  1. RyanB58

    best cheap boots?

    CHEAP is a word that denotes something of poor quality. So if you want CHEAP boots you will get crap and jeapardize your safety. You cannot have the best of something that is cheap. Now if you want a good value and have a price range we have a whole different issue on hand now dont we. My advice is to get a boot with good ankle supports built in, however I know for this protection you will spend well over $200. Alpinestars Tech 8 or Tech 10s, Oxtar TCX Pro, Gearne SG-3, SIDI, FOX Forma Pro,
  2. RyanB58

    Talking down the dealer?

    I would say a good deal is about $200 over cost with no freight and setup charges. The dealership is in business to make money and he should certainly be allowed to make a few hundred bucks on a bike. I typically will not negotiate too much on a bike if I know the price is around $200-$300 over dealer cost. As long as they do not add freight and setup I am usually cool with paying the salesman his lunch for the month. He does have to make a living.
  3. RyanB58

    05 yz 125 big bore kit(134cc)

    I had RPM do mine when he was doing two-strokes still. It was the most professional work I had ever seen. I shipped it on Monday and had it back on Friday, very good work. I know he has someone in Michigan doing his work on two strokes now.
  4. RyanB58

    Do I need a new helmet??

    Anybody who puts a price tag on their head is a fool. The head is not to be toyed around with. If you suspect it could be damaged, chances are you have had a hard enough crash to make you feel this way, get a new lid.
  5. RyanB58

    05 yz 125 big bore kit(134cc)

    144s, oh crap I am going back too two stroke. J/K
  6. RyanB58

    Do I need a new helmet??

    Those little devices that you stick on the helmet are gonna be huge. I bet the AMA start requiring us to have those on our helmets and present them at a tech inspection. They will probably start manufacturing helmets with those built in. I think they are a great idea.
  7. RyanB58

    05 yz 125 big bore kit(134cc)

    Ummmm, I had one on my 2002 YZ and the thing was wicked. But it still was not up to snuff with a 250F so I made the switch. It was really fast and for a 125 had considerable amounts of low end, but when it came to it the 250F was a much more foregiving bike. Never had any problems with it, but I believe that in competition in AMA no overbore is allowed. You might check on that if you compete in AMA races.
  8. RyanB58

    helmet recomendations?

    I have Troy Lee now. My favorite helmet I have ever worn, but in the past I have liked Shoei, Arai, and HJC. The TLD helmet is the 2nd lightest on the market, Fox V3 is #1. As far as high dollar helmets not protecting any better than a low dollar helmet, ABSOLUTELY FALSE. TAke a cheap helmet and wrap your hands around the mouthpiece; with the back of the helmet against your stomach pull in on the mouthpiece flexing the helmet. Majority of the time you higher dollar helmets will not flex near as much as the low dollar helmets. This test will tell you the strength of the helmet makeup. Now, this does not imply that there are not low priced strong helmets, HJC for example is an exceptional helmet. However, you will not see a high dollar helmet that has a weak shell. My suggestion is to pick out the best fitting one that has VERY little flex in it.
  9. Sounds smart to me, not funny. I use 661 2x4 and love em. I used to have the same problem as you until I got em.
  10. Hell Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! "Bad" Billy Robinson Judy McCormick Carrot Top
  11. Just wanted to let you all check out our website. We are in the process of building facilities and all at our track. We currently have 2 tracks and are working on our third(indoor) track. Our outdoor MX track is 2 miles long with a variety of SX, MX, uphills, downhills, sand and topsoil. Our youth track is built for the beginners who are intimidated to try out the big track. We tend to have a little fun on the pit bikes on the kids track as well, LOL!!!!!!! If you would like to check us out, your first ride is free and after that you must be a member. for any information feel free to call me. Ryan Brown Public Relations/Promotions Manager - Proving Grounds Racepark 636-399-6487 www.provinggroundsracepark.com
  12. RyanB58

    best pipe?

    I like my Pro Circuit.