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  1. vmdamt

    2000 Eline stator work on 2005 YZ250?

    So the crank taper is different ? I would need a new flywheel ? Eline does'nt answer their phone or return messages so im not sure if they would sell me just the flywheel and how much it would cost.
  2. I've read about the different spacer,washer and nut between the 99-01 and 03-08 ,I have an Eline lighting stator setup off an 01 and would like to put it in my 05 ,can it be done? Thanks
  3. 3 guys 140-170#s fast novice-slow intermediate looking to get on a team for the 24.We have raced it before on a CR500.We have an HID light,yz and cr wheel sets and quickfill jug plus entry and bike maintenance cash.
  4. I'm not sure about renting lights but , I've done the 24 twice and the baja designs hid works great.do you have 6 guys yet?myself and 2 buddies are looking to get on a team and I have the hid light,yz and crf wheel sets and quick fill gas jug.
  5. vmdamt

    IMS tank install help

    2002 . It should fit better than it does .started a thread a while back and the result were about even on IMS VS. CLARKE. I guess I should go back and not recommend IMS , but not till I get some more info.Thanks
  6. vmdamt

    IMS tank install help

    trying to mount a used tank with no instructions , help please . mounted the front bracket with stock bolt and spacers ,is there supposed to be a grommet ? had trouble getting the 2 bolts in after mounting the bracket .also the fit is tight with the stock rubber under it , do you leave it all there ? seat has lines from being pushed up and shrouds are off .
  7. vmdamt

    Valve Recall Soon

    If you follow the owners manual maintenance schedule you wouldn't have any problems or have to worry about failures , but no ones does and blames Honda for it .Honda knows how long parts will last and you can look at a manual before you buy to see if your willing to comply with the recommended maintenance . Being in Aircraft Maintenance I know the importance of changing parts when its recommended .I change what appears to be good parts all the time because the manufacturer knows when parts Might fail , We don't wait till they do . If you want to buy a bike and just ride with minimal maintenance , Honda has a very reliable line of XR's . Don't buy a competition race bike with a heavy maintenance schedule and not expect to work on it if you want total reliability!
  8. vmdamt

    Valve Recall Soon

    Maybe the Honda recall should be cheese to go with all the whine on this subject ! This problem for some has been going on for years . People had the opportunity to decide if the valve maintenance was worth it or not before buying a CRF if you didn't research before you bought ,deal with it or sell it and move to the YZF tranny problem threads and whine about that for awhile . Honda CRF ; love it or leave it Honda's will always resale better than any other bike so its easy to leave it if you so choose
  9. vmdamt

    Valve Recall Soon

    I dont know how, but maybe someone can start a poll -valve problems or not to see the ratio .
  10. vmdamt

    Badger Skid Plate

    I bought the SRC plate and like it alot.I agree about the raised gussets-ugly but functional.I just saw 2 SRC plates on ebay for less than the 175 I paid.
  11. vmdamt

    overheating problem

    I bought an SRS(scott summers racing)1:6 radiator cap ,it stopped the boiling over problem on my 02' .Mine boiled over when riding glamis sand dunes ,plenty of air flow but tons of drag from the sand caused massive heat.Also heard good things about evans coolant ,im going to try that next.
  12. vmdamt

    Hard pack tires?

    MAXXIS IT's .they last , even in hard pack and rocky conditions.
  13. vmdamt

    Poll: how much do you weigh...

    5'6" 128 naked...I think I win lightest 450 rider on thumper talk any prize ?
  14. vmdamt

    Valve Recall Soon

    35 hrs since jan.05 all hard track time ,not cruising with kids in the desert. As far as the recall ,water pump and case seal issues seem alot less than the valve issues .I think Honda has a reputation for reliability and if they have to recall some bikes maybe in the long run its better than making angry Honda people buy Yamaha's. Maybe if Corporate Honda where to get all the complaints that are posted here the recall would happen. I spent 7k on a closed course competition motorcycle with no warranty (not talking about the x thats another subject)and Ive used for exactly what is was designed for and average hours and haven't even followed all suggested maintenance procedures and the bike has been absolutely flawless .When the time comes for what ever It needs I wont complain about spending the money, If I were going to complain it would be straight to Corporate Honda and hope others are doing the same.
  15. vmdamt

    Valve Recall Soon

    I talked to a guy from Berts Mega Mall in CA at the LA Boat Show . We were talking about the reliablilty of the Honda watercraft . He said the watercraft are very reliable like all the Honda products and I said hopefully not like the CRFs , thats when he said Honda is aware of the problem and are looking into a recall to replace the heads on the CRF's . Might be B.S. but maybe there's hope for the ones with problems . P.S. 2005 35 Hrs on the meter no problems