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  1. Ok stooopid question, I'm new to this mini stuff, I don't race this, I just kinda play ride with it, what purpose would a swingarm do? Would it make it track better, and make it more stable?
  2. Here's mine, still working on it, need to add some gold wheels and some other bling, but this is a start. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b333/RoostVixen/xr50.jpg
  3. RoostVixen

    Play riding Helmet cam video

    I use a Hoytech helmet cam (off ebay) and a sony dcr hc32 minicam, its a pretty durable setup, cuz these boyz ride oh so very hard, even the "Princess"
  4. RoostVixen

    Play riding Helmet cam video

    Yup, its here in Camp Verde. Its an OHV area and there are lots of places to ride that are still legal. Its the perfect time of the year to ride, a little cool but hey NO SNOW!!!!
  5. Just had google host one of my helmet cam vids. It took them a while to verify it, but I didn't have to compress it, and its a long video, about 14 minutes of some playriding in the Arizona desert. Don't let the title fool ya, the "Princess" is the one carrying the helmet cam, its a long story how he got his nickname (that he's not too pleased with ) But anyway, enjoy. Clicky the linky below. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2560655318299491139&q=%22Dirtbikes+and+Dust%22+playable%3Atrue&pr=goog-sl
  6. RoostVixen

    So ... ladies ... who all rode last weekend?

    Congrats, see, I told you that you rode well. Awesome job, I heard the course was rough.
  7. RoostVixen

    Chickens CAN Fly!!!

  8. RoostVixen

    Camp Verde Riding

    Cmon on up!!! Weather is nice here, a little cool early in the mornings, but warms up nice. And yep, weekends are crowded, but if you get off on the trails it gets quieter. Also there is alot of traffic in the sand wash close to the staging area, but ride that sucker all the way up into the foothills, lots of old mines and cool stuff up on Mingus Mountain.
  9. RoostVixen

    motocross video

    This was taken from a practice session, intermediates, a few local pro's and the novice class. Not all on the track at the same time, I just intermingled all the practice sessions into this one vid.
  10. RoostVixen

    motocross video

    Its the Verde Valley Motoplex, about 2 hours north of Phoenix AZ.
  11. RoostVixen

    motocross video

    Here's a video that I shot of a practice session here at our local MX track. enjoy http://www.zippyvideos.com/7579828191832816/amxsoundwmp/*roostvixen www.roostvixenmxphotos.com
  12. RoostVixen


    SixSixOne Flight helmets come in Adult XS. I have a 661 helmet and its awesome.
  13. RoostVixen

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    SixSixOne Flight Helmet
  14. RoostVixen

    Aaaahhhhh, the drama....

    Oh I am sorry to hear about what happened to you, but I can sympathize. Some women just DON"T GET IT. Face it, you're different, women don't take kindly to an undomesticated soul. I ride out here alot, mostly with my husband, but on occasion we do ride with other males (of the single variety) I have run into the very problem you describe often, but so far it hasn't involved my dirt bike. ( I used to drag race, and boy oh boy did the women hate me there!!!!) Just do your own thing, don't give up riding and for god sakes, don't start getting domestic. Maybe you guys can find another group of people to ride with..... Well I'm off, gott go to the quilting show now....... (just kidding) I'm off to the motocross track to take pictures, and YES, I have a pile of laundry to do, but that can always wait till another day, first things first, ya know.
  15. RoostVixen

    Lets see some cool air shots...

    Not me........ (sigh). But I took this one today at the local MX track. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b333/RoostVixen/Picture152.jpg