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  1. eric121

    2007 yfz450 Pipe Suggestions

    i think yoshi is so overated if you wanna look into something different there is Nmotion, HMF, FMF, and im running the TEAM ALBA pipe on my raptor and ridden a yfz with the alba pipe i liked it check it out they have a kit that comes with the full exhaust, k&n, and the required jets
  2. eric121

    06 YFZ450 on the way, what to do.......

    Try on the pavement next time and i'm sure the results will be different
  3. For the 700 i would recommend LTE's Dual exhaust for the most horspower gains but you will need the EFI controller I'm running the TEAM ALBA pipe on my 660 and im extremely happy with it For any other info on your Raptors check out www.bluetraxx.com
  4. eric121

    FCR Carb????

    Will an stock FCR carb from a yfz450(quad) fit on the DRZ sm. I was just wondering because a friend of mine put one on his ltz and i was hoping it would work for the DRZ sm because i can get a good deal on a yfz450 carb
  5. eric121

    I don't care how comfortable this is

    if you have an A$$ big enough to fit in that seat you probably shouldnt be riding a DRZ to begin with
  6. eric121

    post pics of your quad

    well heres my quad and i'll throw this pic in too
  7. eric121

    DRZ motor just died!!! I think

    i had the same exact problem but not with my drz it was with my quad so when i took it in they told me it was the stator....dont know if this was any help
  8. eric121

    my drz and other toys

    no the quad isnt street legal i wish it was that would be awesome
  9. eric121

    my drz and other toys

    my drz My Hauler My other TOY
  10. eric121

    SM jet kit

    can someone provide me with the part number for the SM specific jet kit. i've got an 05 DRZ SM
  11. eric121

    Should i just get the yellow?

    hey B86 Racer what part of texas are you from im from deep south texas a city called McAllen
  12. i was wondering if a jet kit from a LTZ400 will work for an 05 DRZ SM
  13. eric121

    05' Drz Sm Jets

    i was just wondering if jets for an LTZ400 are compatible with the drzSM cause a buddy of mine has an extra jet kit and said i can have it if they will work
  14. eric121

    Muzzy dealer

    e-bay has them for about 340$