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  1. bcolmsted

    Cant get coil wire off plug

    Connector for sprark plug will not come loose.. it spins but will not pop out. Advice??
  2. bcolmsted

    Occaisonal Sqeak

    17 hrs on bike.. sound coming from engine when idling..sqeak comes and goes.
  3. bcolmsted

    Occaisonal Sqeak

    Just came on yesterday.
  4. bcolmsted

    Occaisonal Sqeak

    Occ. sqeaking noise coming from engine.. runs fine.. Anyone? 08 450.
  5. bcolmsted

    klx110 engine fit

    will klx110 (134 kit) engine fit into a 2004 rm65 frame?
  6. bcolmsted

    07 versus 08

    whatz the best bike for the money? an 08 or a 07 for $1000 less? Opinions? tnx
  7. bcolmsted

    K1,2,3 etc?

    How do u determine if the engine is a K1,2,3 etc? (03 rm250)
  8. bcolmsted

    06 kx450f hard to kick problem

    U may have the crank bearing retainer bolts backing out resulting in the head of the bolt getting clipped by crank. Was a problem on 06s and your symtoms sound close.
  9. bcolmsted


    Why is it that after market pipes are advertised to fit 06 and 07s???? If the stock ones are different??
  10. bcolmsted

    Headpipe split

    riemer is it an 06? I understand the 07 is different.If its an 06 ,how much do u have to have for it? tnx
  11. bcolmsted


    Is the head pipe and silencer the same for 06 and 07 models?
  12. bcolmsted

    Headpipe split

    For no apparent reason my headpipe cracked and split..Anyone have one for sale?
  13. bcolmsted

    Noise coming from right side of motor

    crank bearing retainer bolts backing out and rubbing crank..
  14. bcolmsted

    rightside engine cover

    can`t get rightside engine cover to matchup..seems to be not laying flat in middle and kick starter will bindup if I put a few bolts in.. ideas??
  15. bcolmsted

    Scratching noice in engine... (KXF450 '06)

    I have the same problem..but caught it before engine grenaded...Kawasaki says they know nothing about retainer plate bolts coming loose and will not take care of it...Anyone know of a good contact at KAW with phone number..From the looks of this thread, they do in fact know about it and have helped some riders out.