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  1. Ryan Friddle

    Looking for a Header Pipe heat shield?

    try looking on e line carbon fiber
  2. Ryan Friddle

    05 525 EXC Starter Gear Falling apart!

    Same bike same problem. I take it in tomarrow to get it fixed, only have 70 miles on it. Good thing for warranties. They told me it could be caused by the jetting or from giving it gas while starting. I don't know. Hopfully they can put in the '02 gear. good luck
  3. Ryan Friddle

    A little warm

    The bike was jetted for sea level and I'm riding between 5000 and 7000 feet would jetting still be the problem ?
  4. Ryan Friddle

    A little warm

    Thanks for the input. I was doing alot of trail riding and hill climbing so that could be the problem.
  5. Ryan Friddle

    A little warm

    I just bought my first KTM. It's a 2005 525 exc. I took it out yesterday for its first ride,great ride, but it had a problem over heating. Is there a problem with over heating with these bikes and if so what can I do about it.