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  1. sdduval

    1976 Suzuki A100 Go-fer

    Thanks for you're help!
  2. It's in showroom condition. I have searched the web can not find out any value ? it runs great all original 2 stroke. this may not be the place for this post but any help would be appreciated. Check my garage for picture. Thanks
  3. sdduval

    lets see some more bikes!!!

    pics in my garage
  4. sdduval

    Post a picture of Cycra Probend

    check out my garage. I don't know if this helps ? they are cycra with triple clamp mounts. it's a 2005 wr250f
  5. sdduval

    Lets see them 250f's!

    check out my garage 2005 wr250f flatland rad guards.
  6. sdduval

    Bark Busters

    yes the cycra pro-bends are great and i also have the tripple clamp mounts.
  7. sdduval

    Wr250f Top Speed

    I have done free mods and mine shows 85 on trail tech that's calibrated to my front tire.
  8. I have one on my bike and i like it very well.
  9. sdduval

    Need input on purchase of 2004 wr250f

    They are frame guards so you don't wear the paint off. Nice bike
  10. It uses a magnet on the front rotor and a sensor cable. you put in your front tire size to calibrate.
  11. I have the trail tech computer on my 05 wr250f works great.