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  1. There was a 42 in it i put a 45 in do you tghten it all the way down or do you leave it a turn and a half out?? 2006 450 John
  2. Beazman

    50cc Bike For 6 Year Old?

    I bought my son a crf 50 when he was 4 we gave that to his brother when he turned 4 now my oldest is 7 i bought him a ttr50 last year but they progress fast i should of bought a ktm but since i have 3 boys it will still come in handy The only nice thing about the ttr is if he crashes he can start it himself if im off with one of the other boys Id go with the ktm
  3. Beazman

    Foot Surgery Rehab

    Next time your in Chicago call me up if you still have the number
  4. Beazman

    Foot Surgery Rehab

    Whats happening dude i broke my navicular and cuboid Dr Makr looked at my x-rays when he was here in chicago but its been two years and just now am i getting back to running it has quite a bit of mobility but it took like two years i work on my feet all day going up ladders and walking around job site but its not bad at all now a couple guys i talked to said it took a few years also because theres so many bones in your foot but im 35 years old hope this helps o and for stretching try sitting on your feet with toes facing back and your knees out front of you then as it gets easier try lifting your knees higher with your toes and top of your feet still on ground you would have to use your hands to push them but it helped me John
  5. Beazman

    X4 helmet cam vids at local track.

    Wow im that slow O well me and the nick man had fun John
  6. Beazman

    X4 helmet cam vids at local track.

    Cool vid suade wheres this weeks?? John
  7. Beazman

    I met with Dr Mark

    He was in chicago met with him and he was very helpful on my situation Thanks again Doc John
  8. Beazman

    Paging Dr Mark

    Hey dude this is john from chicago i was going to send you me cat scans and mri and whatever else i have is the twelve oaks suite 1730 the right plkace to send it Also i went to two other doctors and one says the talonivicular is displaced and one says its colapsing but it feals good limited side to side mobility but still pretty swollen its been four months now but even my physical therapist says side to side is the last thing ill get back so i dont know but let me know if that is the right address thanks John
  9. Beazman

    Need help with ankle fusion

    Hey dr mark i just called you and left a message John
  10. Well i had surgury last week of october went back to work 8 weeks later then my ankle started huring they do xrays doc says you better go see the specialist so ok i get a ct and now my talus is missing a fingernail piece now they want to fuse it cant they do a bone graph or can i live with a missing piece if it calcifi or what do you think please help i think the doc called the injury a aviator injury i guess it happens when you crash like a ultralight but if you know any good docs in chicago im getting another opnion but it looks bleek John
  11. Was riding at buffalo range came over a double and there was a bike laying there swerved out not to hit him just dabbed my foot down and the pain set in went to the hospital 8 hours later figureing it was a nerve or tendon but no help doctor said i pooped a small bone or two out the top of my foot still in the skin was able to set it without the external fix8ter thank god but he had to use one screw just got it done friday have to go back for x rays wensday to see if its healing right but how long do you think ill be out sounds like the surgery went well but would like to go back to work and back to riding you know any help or advice would be appreciated thanks John