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  1. KTMnurse

    Winter H/S

    RJ, I am not sure who in the mini class was studded and who was rubber, 2 had studs. Result from mini class Talon Soenksen #1, Justin Lijewski and Wade Sturgeon rubber class James Saline #1, Kirk Semlow #2, Thomas Woods # 3. Total # in class was 13 studded tires Travis Tude Thout #1, Aaron Wegner #2, Ron Sharphorn #3. Total # in class was 25 There were was a hard fought battle between Wegner and Tude Thout, with Wegner leading all but 2 laps of the 7 lap race Tude Thout lead the 1st lap and the one that counted the most, the final one. Great race men. Brad Botzau
  2. KTMnurse

    Help some tourist's from Canada

    This is the 25th year for the Six Days of Michigan. We have 3 types of riding available, single track, dual sport and road riding. Several people attend this event from out of state and switch up from the three types of riding depending how they feel that day. The Six Days is an AMA National Dual Sport sponsored by KTM. We are headquartering all six days out of the Jellystone Campground in Grayling camping is $30.00 a night. It's a nice clean campground with a lot of activities for the family while your riding if they are not riders themselves. We also have Six Days for kids... Kids under 14 ride together in a group lead by adults, we ask that the parents spend at least one day out of the six riding with the kids. Go to the cycleconservationclub.org website or contact Lewis at 517-416-0126 for more info SDM starts July 19th and ends July 25th RJ
  3. KTMnurse

    Timber Harvesting in Michigan

    The ORV trails are supposed to be kept open by the timber harvester. If you encounter an ORV trail covered with brush from timber harvesting, contact the CCC as soon as you can with the trail info and where the harvesting is taking place. We can then direct the complaint to the proper district. Pictures are better if you can take them, camera phone pictures are good if that is what you have. As a side note... The harvesters can temporarily close the trail, meaning the trees that they are currently working on, but must reopen the trail as soon as possible and before the day's end. The harvesters aren't bad people, they need to make money too, they just don't always hire the best. A CCC member recently caught a skidder destroying trail signs on purpose, camera phone pictures as proof got the skidder operator working at replacing signs the next day. RJ
  4. KTMnurse

    D14 H/s Cmb Race 7/20

    7148 Klender rd, Bentley, Mi. 48631.
  5. KTMnurse

    Six Days of Mich tag needed?

    No, not required.
  6. KTMnurse

    Six Days of Mich tag needed?

    OK, All you need is a licensed plate from the state you are from, it doesn't have to be a Michigan license plate. You do need a Michigan ORV sticker, which we will have available at sign-up. We have several people who ride the SDM every year from out of state with their own states license plate. We do not ask for a copy of your registration or insurance, we check your bike for sound to make sure it meets the 94db sound limit. Every stock exhaust since 1995 has met the 94db limit, therefore if you have a stock exhaust you are good and tech inspection goes very fast for you. All six days of this years SDM will be run out of the Yogi Bear Campground in Grayling with one day off instead of a move day as what was done in the past. The purpose behind everybody needing plates is that you essentially Dual Sport to and from the trail you are riding that day. We load the kids on trailers and haul them to the trail we are riding, If you still want to attend this year and can't get plates on time, volunteer to ride with the kids all six days and your bike will be trailered. RJ
  7. KTMnurse

    MI (Long Term Parking) for MCCCT route

    This might be a given but I didn't see this mentioned. You're going to need to have a license plate and an ORV sticker to be legal, because there are county roads between many of the sections. You are also welcomed to park at my place, I have plenty of room to park and I live only 5 miles south of the trail at Gladwin. If you already belong to the CCC my address is published every month in the Great Lakes Trail Rider, if not e-mail me at witte@centurytel.net and I'll get it for you, just put MCCCT in the subject. I get so much e-mail in one day I would hate to delete a legit one by accident. RJ
  8. KTMnurse

    Base Camp in Michigan

    This years Six Days of Michigan is starting out of Grayling. No move day, six different trails, back to the campground every night if you want. There was a rumor of some riders doing the Six Days the traditional way this year as a CCC 40th anniversary special. Lot's of activities for mom and the kids at the campground during the day. It's a month behind what you're planning though in the 3rd week of July. Might give it a thought.
  9. KTMnurse

    Foremane Lake Trail

    Love the Pics... I have heard from a good authority that the guy who maintains those trails does it on an old Honda FatCat.
  10. KTMnurse

    61 Taking a Bark sample

    I wanna see it again!!! I wanna see it again!!!
  11. KTMnurse

    Street legal in MI

    Check the SICASS guys out for kits for your ride. Good guy's with a great product every thing bolts right on. http://www.sicassracing.com
  12. KTMnurse

    07' D-14 Ice Race Schedule

    07' Ice Race Schedule Jan 6th, Morelands USA Crystal, Mi. Jan 7th, Valley Trail Riders Bentley, Mi. Jan 14th, Port Huron M/C Port Huron, Mi. Jan 20th, Morelands USA Crystal, Mi. Jan 21st, Valley Trail Riders Bentley, Mi. Jan 27th Bolus Racing Houghton Lake, Mi. Jan 28th, Cadillac M/C Cadillac, Mi. Feb 3rd & 4th AMA Nationals Feb 4th, White Lake Racing White Lake, Mi. Feb 11th, Port Huron M/C Port Huron, Mi. Feb 18th, Valley Trail Riders Bentley, Mi. Feb 25th, Port Huron M/C Port Huron, Mi.
  13. At yesterday's sanctioning meeting the Ice Race Division decided to try a new exhibition class for 4 stroke pit bikes 0-110 cc. Fender and tether rules still apply, open age, open modifications, up to 110 cc. If there is enough interest it might be made into a class for 2008.
  14. You forgot to mention the new exhibition class 0-110 4 stroke Pitbike class.
  15. KTMnurse

    sound tests at CCC events (tomahawK tour)

    No.. Michigan uses the SAE standard J1287 JUL98 20 inch stationary sound test. This test requires the machine to be tested at 1/2 the maximum RATED RPM. Who decides what is maximum rated RPM? The bike manufacturer. The Motorcycle Industry Council puts out a handbook that is used by the CCC and by Law Enforcement listing what the proper test RPM is for your make and model machine. So in a nut shell the machine is tested at an RPM the bike manufacturer says it should be. As an example according to the MIC handbook a 2005 CRF450R tests at4500 RPM. A 2005 CRF450X tests at 3750. Or how about this one, a 2005 KDX85 tests at 6000 RPM and a KTM 85SX tests at 4725 RPM. The biggest thing to all of this, is to know what RPM your machine is to test at, especially if your going to change your exhaust from stock form. Why do stock exhausts get through sound tests quicker? Because the EPA mandated a national sound level for all machines in 1983, Their test is more strict because they use a drive by test. This test will pick up all the noise from the machine including chain slap and tire noise. We use the stationary test because we only want to know how much noise the exhaust makes. Also remember Michigan requires 94dB most of the rest of the country requires 96dB so when you call the pipe manufacturer and ask them if it will pass sound make sure they know your from Michigan. But if your going to change your pipe call the CCC and ask for help, we have some experiance with what has worked for what bikes and we have people trained around the state that can help you out. But it still goes back to less sound equals more ground. Stop and think about how horseback riders can go where they wish without the benefit of trails, have a specific trail system and a whole state forest to themselves, and pay nothing in user fees. It sure isn't because they create less enviromental damage, or leave a smaller mess, (I know my KTM doesn't leave horse apples) It's all because nobody hears them coming.