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  1. i would go with a specialist, unless ur mechanically inclined unlike myself
  2. any other suggestions?
  3. I feel it has more balls than my 250. ? ru on crack or something?
  4. i think it requires a flywheel puller, but im not sure i would like to know bcuz i am intersted ina fww myslef
  5. has anyone ever put yellow plastics on a 04 yz 250? what does it look like with the blue tank? would it look good with stock graphics or someother graphic kit?What about a solid blue seat cover? Could someone photoshop it 4 me please?
  6. my friend just picked one up here in canada. nice bike
  7. moose racing has some adaptors there called fatdaptors
  8. anyone?
  9. i want to get some pro-taper contour oversize bars but i am having a hard time finding some cheap bar mounts for these bars. i am looking just for the bar mounts not the clamp. i was wondering if the 06 yzf bar mounts would mount up to a 04 clamp?
  10. how much are the bar mounts worth?
  11. where do i get oversize bar mounts for pro taper bars and which ones do i get. contours or the taperwall?
  12. i picked up a brand new 2004 yz 250 this morning, the things rips but to bad it is muddy as hell here in Ontario right now.What mods should i do?iwas thinking some oversize bars and grips?
  13. true, why would they dump their money into a complete redo of those models only to discontinue them a few years later, just my $0.02
  14. i am looking to order gaerne boots that are around $400 ans i was wondering what the duty would be on top of that price. i live in canada so it will hopefully only be a small percentage of what the total cost would be.
  15. do the sg-10's fit true to size. or should i ask what are there sizes cmopared to a-stars. i need a size ten but the dealer i went to was all out. So ia m considering ordering some sg-10's if i find the right price and what the size diff. could be.