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  1. raymo

    Headlight bulb XR400

    Ahh.. well I guess it depends on your location, whether or not you have a street legal machine. Mine is street legal and I have full road registration, yet I don't have a battery. You don't need one to be street legal.
  2. raymo

    Sprockets best suited for wheelies down low

    This is crazy. An XR4 should do wheelies easily in second, if not third. I ordered mine with 15/46 sprockets and uncorked it (more on that later). With this ratio I can usually just wrap it on in third and get lift off without too much trouble. Otherwise clutching it in third is easy.. could probably even pick up fourth by clutching and pulling. I switched to 15/38 a while ago as I have been doing a lot of highway riding. With this ratio it still picks up in second by only wrapping it. I can also pull some fast monos in third by clutching and timing a good pull with preload, but they can be a bit scary! Sounds like your bike hasn't been uncorked (except for sports exhaust) or rejetted. This will make a huge difference and will probably get you on the back wheel easily. Airbox - Remove either the snorkel cover (metal piece), or the snorkel altogether. Jetting - Australia gets a #60 main jet; I got a #160. You should probably too. I don't know about pilot jet; look up Kevin's FAQ. Intake manifold - Australian XR4s have this ridiculously small slot for which the fuel/air mix is supposed to go through. Swap that out with an unrestricted one. Exhaust (but doesn't apply to you) - remove muffler diffuser. The diffuser restricts the exhaust to about a 12mm hole in the exhaust tip. Opening this up will let the bike keep delivering top end power for longer. These four uncorking mods are the main ones I think. You definitely want to get onto the first three; esp. since you have a sports exhaust! Have you seen this thread? XR400 Competition Guide photo's It details what I've said above. My 04 XR4 is a machine. I absolutely love it. I'm about to change back to trail gearing and I'm really looking forward to it. I used to be able to shift through to fourth gear on the back wheel; I think I should be able to crack fifth before long. Best of luck and let us know how you go.
  3. raymo

    Headlight bulb XR400

    Will this Harley bulb, 125/135 H4, fit in a stock XR headlight? I would like brighter than the stock spec, but 125/135 seems like it could be a bit excessive.
  4. raymo

    Headlight bulb XR400

    Did you buy your bike new or used? I suspect a previous owner has changed the globe, as the XR400 - and any bike with high & low beam - needs two contacts. I just had a look for any of my old bulbs (I have an XR4) but couldn't find any. I haven't had any trouble getting replacements for it. Any decent motorbike shop will surely be able to provide them, or try an auto parts store; the bulb is reasonably common so they should have them too. My auto parts shop did. I seem to go through globes too often also. Same with my XR250. It sucks.
  5. That's awesome. My friend suggested I shave my seat. I had no idea how many people had done it. My reason is for tip-toe reasons, but also to round off the very square, uncomfortable XR style. After one particular ride the insides of my thighs got pretty sore from lots of steep, front-of-seat riding.
  6. raymo

    XR's in the Dakar

    Awesome! I think about 6-7 XR400s competed in the 2006 Dakar. I haven't looked up this year's yet. I am comtemplating doing the Dakar in a few years on my XR400. I just need to find somebody as mad as me to do it with.
  7. raymo

    2003 Xr250

    Yeah go the XR250. I have a 2001 that I will keep if the universe permits. Such a no fuss bike. I also bought a 2004 XR400 new. What a bloody ripper. Jensen, be sure to come back to us with your first ride report! PS you might want to get a maintenance manual if it doesn't come with one. If you like the look of an XR sitting on a hilltop with a beautiful view, check out this photo;