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  1. jbroom

    Lets see the xrays!

    scoliosis (11 fused vertebre), and a broken collar bone. the screw in my shoulder has been taken out so i can safely break it again the ring in the lower right is from my sling and not actually inside my body.
  2. jbroom

    Post your Broken or Chewed up Parts

    cam tried to weld itself to the head
  3. 1 is cooler. be nice if it wasn't such a low quality jpg though. it'd get rid of all that mess around your shoulders and stuff.
  4. jbroom

    kdx 200 or 220? which one

    pay attention to the classes in your area if you're going to race it. sometimes the 220 gets bumped into different class that you might be less competitive in.
  5. jbroom

    Best crashes of 08

    a little target fixation maybe?
  6. looks like it got hot, but maybe thats normal. your wrist pin wasn't discolored?
  7. haha... nice clone job on the dust
  8. jbroom

    what are you working with.

    i'm an Interactive Art Director... basically i design (and direct other designers) web sites and applications for the tech and gaming industry... not a bad gig. we've got xbox, pooltables, beer, and scooters to get around on.
  9. mad that its not gettin' dirty
  10. jbroom

    Goon Riders

    classic goon riding video by deegan i believe:
  11. jbroom

    your fav woods bike?

    i didn't read all the posts, but i gotta say that its hard to beat a good KDX200 or 220. great value... can be picked up pretty cheap, reliable, versatile, just a great all around bike. not the flashiest, trickest bike out there, but a great choice for a large variety of riders.
  12. jbroom

    so my first mx race is saturday

    i'm also doing my first race on the dirtbike this weekend, but mine is a XC style race (including 1.5 miles on city streets in the loop!). i've done plenty of road racing, but i'm still pretty nervous about my first race in the dirt. think i'll take half a muscle relaxer the night before to help me get to sleep
  13. jbroom

    Handlebar width for off-road

    thats interesting... i never thought of doing it that way. i just bought the yz80 bars after reading your other thread, but haven't put them on the kdx yet. i wanted taller bars, but from what i can tell now, the yz80 bars are maybe 1/2" taller and a little more narrow than whatever the Tag bars are that were on my bike when i bought it. i was hoping for a little bit more of a difference, but i'll check them out anyways and see what i think. i was hoping to install them before my ride last night for a good shakedown. now i won't have a chance to ride before i do my first race next sunday. figure some new bars isn't too big a risk to change pre race. this race doesn't have practice becasue about 1.5 miles of the course is through the city streets and the other 3-4 miles is through ditches, front yards and woods... should be interesting