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  1. Berg is sold. thanks
  2. selling mine....
  3. just some pics - can you tell i'm now in love with the KTM 950!???
  4. I just recently picked up a 1999 Husaberg from another member here. (Thanks toomanykaws!) No wheels. Dunno how long since it had run - but I trucked it home - went over it replaced about 15 bucks worth of parts - topped off fluids and flailed away at the kick starter a few times and 'lo she came to life. OMG what a bark - the torque when I blipped the throttle wanted to twist her right off the stand. So it's a little different than the jap bikes we all know and love - that's why I bought it - it's something different. A true beast. Sure I'll keep the jap bikes for the smooth reliability - but wow this thing has personality... I can't wait 'til the wheels I bought show up and I can actually take her out for a spin
  5. What size pilot do you run? The 'tweaking your 225' thread recomends a 42.5, but my local dealer only has a 45 in stock...
  6. well it started and idled like dream before I put in the bigger main and unplugged the airbox put in a Bigger pilot ya think? I already got the screw out 2.5 turns...
  7. Well Alyx and GlennF insisted that if it was cutting out (not bogging - thank you very much) I should do the jetting and clear the airbox. I had been reluctant to tackle this because I wanted to keep it as stock as possible because I'm sensitive to exhaust stink and I've ridden behind too many folks who are running so rich you can smell 'em a mile away.. anyway - I did finally install the 132.5 main - drove it and it seemed better - but still cut out at higher RPM's - so I popped the snorkel out - no change - popped the sidecover off the airbox - no change - slid the filter out about 1/4 of the way - woot woot - and off we go! no more cutting out - yay! On the downside - now it idles like crap... So. I don't suppose I can ride around the desert with the airbox open and the filter 1/4 out can I? so I guess I need to find an aftermarket air filter? Anyone use one of these little jobbers? (I put one of them on my GY200 and it made it a different beast entirely...dunno how much it actually filters though - when I crack the throttle it sounds like it's gonna suck my balls into the carb - lol )
  8. see - this is why I don't think it's the rev limiter. everyone says I should be able to get 65-70 mph before running out of torque - not bouncing off the limiter. I have tried it both with and without the snorkle - even pulled the airfilter out completely and made a run with the airbox cover off - didn't make any difference at all
  9. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=469458
  10. lol - yeah - I was really hoping there was a plug and play kit or something though
  11. yeah - i did - he said find a machinist
  12. I'm starting a new thread on this because I've tried everything I can thik of and I'm running out of ideas. the player: A new to me 2001 TTR225 - garage queen. Starts and runs perfectly except at WOT (high RPM's) Does NOT bog with a quick roll on of throttle - only bogs when RPM's get up high. Airbox & muffler completely stock. Max speed is 55mph (verified by gps) then it bogs and cuts out and won't go any faster. Actions Taken so far: Pulled & cleaned the pilot and main jets. Pulled & cleaned the needle and diaphram. Adjusted float. verified vent lines clear & unplugged. Cleaned & soaked everything in GumOut. Replaced main jet. The plug looks lean to me - but my buddy says he thinks it's fine - it's kinda greyish with a lite coat of an ashlike substance on it. I'm at my wits end here. Could it be an ignition or electrical problem?
  13. trying to get a front wheel for a 1999 FE501. Guy on ebay has one listed off of a 2001 - but the OD of his axle is 20mm and the axle bolt I have is only 16mm can I sleeve it and make it work? if yes - where wold I find a sleeve for this type of application? or should I just keep looking ??? thnkas!
  14. spoke too soon --- what was fine zooming along the local streets "surriptitiously" since it isn't street legal turned out to to be not so good out in the desert. better than it was to be sure. but still top gear 55 mph was as fast as she would go - then bog bog bog bog - cough - surge cough bog surge cough bog bog bog. runs fine at low and mid to hi-mi range RPM - crap crap crap at high RPM. carb is sparkly clean - I pulled and cleaned the pilot jet, main jet and the needle - so what's next on the checklist??
  15. ahhhh - soo much better. I pulled the carb completely out - it was yellow inside from all the laquer! a couple hours of scrubbing and a full can of gum-out later I got it all back together and she started right up - purrs like a kitten - and when I took her out ---> NOW I can bounce it off the rev limiter - much higher RPM than before - now I can I can feel how the power curve really flattens out at higher RPM - before it was still pulling hard when it would cut out.... anyhoo - now to see if I can try some of these power mods So