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  1. Anyone know where I can score the orange and black billet 2-piece clutch cover for an '05 525 EXC? In their infinite wisdom, KTM has disconitued these and after letting a friend ride this bike it came back with a cracked clutch cover so I thought I would upgrade to a little more "bling". The bike is only 3 years old and already I can't get parts for it. :confused: What gives? Things do break and the answer is apparently to buy a new bike everytime a major part shits the bed. They are such fabulous bikes but it would appear that true idiots run their parts and service division. Forgive my venting but I have spent 5 days calling all over the country trying to find this and no luck.
  2. Shrewless

    KTM Power Valve Adjustment??

    I don't mean to hijack this thread but it's kind of related. Where is the power valve spring located? I want to swap the yellow spring for the red one but I don't know where it is or how to do it. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Shrewless

    EFI on EXC's for '08?

    EFI is the way to go and it will definitely be the future of off-road bikes just as already is for most other power sports. I don't mind playing with jetting and "tinkering" but I prefer to just ride so I hope KTM hurries along with this release.
  4. You don't need fan kits, oil coolers, overflow tanks or any other add-ons for your coolant issue - KTM's come too lean so re-jet with either JD (if you want the no hassle approach) or a variety of other jet kits and then make sure you don't fill the radiators to the top because when it heats up it will spit the overflow. About an inch from the top works great. All the other ad-ons mentioned can be cool looking but under most riding conditions are not necessary and your money can be better spent on other things that will actually improve performance and functionality of an already great bike. Have fun.
  5. Shrewless

    Powervalve spring location???

    Can anyone post a picture of where I find this? I have been meaning to swap the the yellow one for the red one for and little more snap but I can't find where it is located. I thought someone posted a pic awhile back on this site but I can't find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not that I really need any more snap - the 250 XC is balls-to-the-wall!! But you all know: bigger, better, faster, more... Thanks.
  6. Shrewless

    Steeper advanced riding in So Cal

    I am heading out tomorrow to Rowher and then again somewhere in the local region on Friday. Tomorrow I will be getting a late start though so Friday we should hook up early and ride. What other local area is challanging?
  7. Shrewless

    Steeper advanced riding in So Cal

    Sounds good - how's this Friday looking? I'm off for the next 3 nights and would love to get some miles in. Let me know. Thanks.
  8. Shrewless

    Steeper advanced riding in So Cal

    I'll have to give these a try as well as some of the other areas mentioned above. I am sure I will find what I am looking for. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  9. Shrewless

    Steeper advanced riding in So Cal

    I do ride everything at Rowher and occasionally I will screw up and get some up close and personal ground time, but not often! I am so used to the steeps there that I know exactly how to hit them and what to expect - I want to be surprized again so new areas are a must. Tight and steep single track would be great too. After a good rain Rowher presents a whole new challange with all the steeps becoming slick and snotty. Anyone available midweek for a go at some of the mentioned areas?
  10. Shrewless

    Steeper advanced riding in So Cal

    I mostly ride at Rowher and am looking for some other areas that have some good steeps and challanging trails. How is Dove Springs once you get into the mountainous areas? I hear there are some great trails at San Bernadino National Forest. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. I also installed the the HT powervane and header combo on my 525 and the already impressive low end was even more snappy but the top end suffered a bit - the power flattens out in the higher rpms. With the torque of this bike and the type of riding I do I found the power characteristics after the HT installs to be near perfect and a big improvement over stock. Kudos to HT Racing!!!
  12. Shrewless

    DRZ 400 Vs 525exc

    $9200? I hope it comes with a shit load of after market parts. That's a pretty high price.
  13. Shrewless

    Looking for 105sx feedback

    Remember that the CRF150R is a 4-stroke so it really doesn't compare well to the KTM 105. The 105 rocks!!! and if 2 vs 4-stroke makes no difference to you then it is hands down the better bike for racing. My wife has ridden both and she preferred the 150 because she found the 105 too explosive for her style of riding - but then she is not racing. I took a spin on the 105 she tried and it was a real rocket and I am 220 pounds. I couldn't keep the front wheel down. Have fun!!
  14. Shrewless

    Just picked up my first katoom..

    $3700 is a really good deal from the looks of it in the picture - if that's what it looks like now then it probably does have only 17 hours on it. Sweet ride!!! Bridgestones are stock on that bike - at least that's what my 525 EXC came with and 2 friends I ride with (both 450 EXC's) also. Have fun!
  15. Shrewless

    Got a new '07 exc 450 today and...

    The 450 EXC is not a MX bike so the suspension is way more plush than most would want for the track, whereas the YZ250F is already set up for MX. The 450 EXC will have considerably more overall power than the YZ250F but its' delivery will not be as snappy - it is a "long" stroke engine as opposed to the 450SX which is a short stroke engine and so it will not spool up as fast since it is mainly designed for trail riding. Additionally, the ignition is also less aggressive. If you want the bike for the track then the XC or SX are better choices depending on how much trail riding you want to do as well (XC is as close to a do it all bike as you can get).