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  1. nemisis

    1994 kx250 specs?

    just wondering what the specs for this bike is i'm thinking of buying a 94 kx250 that needs a new topend, the bike is selling for $500. if anyone has any information about maybe it being nikasil sylinder walls or horsepower ratings would be of great help thx.
  2. nemisis

    Engine Rebuild

    it depends also if your doing the work, if your not this could make the rebuild cost alot more than the bike is worth.
  3. nemisis

    Suzuki PE 175cc horsepower?

    i have a rm 125 1979 and i read online it came with 26 hp stock, so i think yours should be a lil higher that that.
  4. nemisis

    types of reeds? cr 250

    thanks for the help guys i'm going with the Boyesen Dual Stage Power Reeds $36.
  5. nemisis

    types of reeds? cr 250

    my bike is a 1986 cr 250
  6. nemisis

    types of reeds? cr 250

    whats the difference between Boyesen Carbon Pro Series Reeds $50 and Boyesen Dual Stage Power Reeds $36? here's a link to them, can't decide which ones to get. http://www.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/productlist~section_dept_id~1155115~terrain_dept_id~1162358~cat_dept_id~1162365~product_dept_id~1162451~selection_Path~3.asp
  7. nemisis

    86 cr 250 new plasctics?

    thx for the help guys after reviewing prices i've just decided to strip the spray paint off the plastics, and it turned out great with the help of a little product called tal strip. if you leave this product on for to long though it can eat right through the plastic. anyway all i need now are some stickers.
  8. nemisis

    86 cr 250 new plasctics?

    haven't been able to find any sets or pieces of new plastics for my 1986 cr 250. any help would be appreciated. also do plastic sets usually include gas tanks , because i need one to.
  9. nemisis

    86 cr 250 waterpump

    i took it all apart and found no broken teeth, and seals all look good. should i just assume it works and ride the shit outa the bike? i've already been riding it since i took it apart and put it back together, i haven't ran it for long periods though. another question i have is in which way does the coolant flow in this engine?
  10. nemisis

    86 cr 250 waterpump

    i don't think my waterpump is working but i don't know how to check it, any suggestions? i've read the manual and it only explains taking it apart and installing it. i've taken the side case off to get to the waterpump and it spins fine and doesn't leak coolant into trans but if i put the bike in gear and turn the wheel the waterpump does not spin. any help would be great.
  11. nemisis

    rm 125 clutch problems

    it happens when the bike is running. you can't have it in gear and stopped or it dies. i took the clutch cover off and everything seems to be fine, except the plates really stick together its almost hard to pull them apart i think its the oil.
  12. nemisis

    rm 125 clutch problems

    having problems with my 1979 rm 125 clutch, its staying engaged when the bike is in gear with the clutch all the way in. i've recently put new clutch plates on it and i'm sure they are in the right order. i can see when i take the transmission oil cap off that the clutch is working and the plates can slide apart they seem to just be stuck together. i'm running 10w30 in the tranny, the manual says 20w40 but haven't been able to find any of that weight oil in any stores.
  13. i've had one for a year, 1982 sp 250 and it runs terrific. never seen another one like it though.