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    I guess if you want to be technical is has a throttle stop, just not one that limits it to 1/2 throttle. And I took out the black insert from the exhaust whatever that is, there is still the screen inside, just no black insert. I guess catching the place on fire would be somewhat of a concern at this time of the year. Another question since I have heard several thoughts on the matter; How soon should I change the oil and/or filters on the new bike? Right now I am at 65 miles and not more than 6 hours and since I am fixing the radiator should I change the other fluids now or wait a while longer?
  2. shotgundan450


    Well Benton is about 45 minutes south-west of the Wilkes-Barre Scranton area. As for the YZ throttle stop it has one, and I took the SA out for the hell of it, I will put in something when I have the $$$. Right now I am needing handlebars and quite possibly a radiator so they are higher priority than the SA replacement.
  3. shotgundan450

    wr450 Radiator gaurds ???

    Please define "bent". my radiator was/is bent but i straightened it up pretty well. would any deformation at all qualify as "bent"? Also, is it worth it to replace your handlebars or just straighten them out, in otherwords, are there unbendable handlebars within reason of course.
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    They fixed the woodruff key before I picked it up. It also has the throttle stop removed, air box snorkel taken out and I took the spark arrestor out as well. By the way, I live in NEPA, Benton to be precise.
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    Just got a left-over 2003 WR450f a few days ago and I am new to the dirtbike thing. Started my "custom body work" already: bent handlebars, brake and clutch levers, bent plastic, bent and leaking radiator. Hit a tree and wiped out numerous times. I decided it was time to get into offroad riding since all my friends have quads but I feel alot more comfortable on 2 wheels than 4 so I started looking around and I found the bike I have now.