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  1. Could someone please give me info on timing chain adjustment for a 1988 klr 250? Am I supposed to adjust it before the valves and how do you adjust it? The bike seems very noisey but I also heard that may be normal but I would still like to check it since I just got this bike and it was not well cared for any help would be very appreciated. Thanks
  2. JWY

    xr100 chinese knockoff

    I don't know about the dirt bikes but i bought three elec. scooters that were China products and they are crap. The materials were lighter gage than anything used on plain bicycles from Walmart and I ended up getting bucycle parts to do repairs. The prospect of getting replacement parts was out of the question because they were very costly and delivery was terrible. But I will say they do look cool. But maybe a used Honda, Yamaha etc would serve you better in the long run.
  3. JWY

    How to check for air leaks

    I had a mechanic check out my DS 80 Suzuki and it was doing the same thing. I know that it is a two stroke and yours is a four stroke but e said that if it revs high then seems to drop off a lot that it's a air leak. H e did put sealer on the carb idle and air screws before putting them back in and he also sealed the carb to the intake very well. I still have the problem due to crank case sealing but if you did all these things it might fix yours since you would not have the crank case sealing problem on a four stroke.
  4. I have a 2000 xr 100 I was cleaning the carb and noticed that the slow jet has holes drilled across the jet but I could not seem to clear the hole that is drilled down through the lenght of the jet. Sholud this jet ahve a hole that goes through its entire lenght? thanks for any help. Also what is the gap bettween the flie wheel and the modeule pick up point?