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  1. Have any of you guys put a bigger fuel tank on your deisel trucks. I have found a 52 gallon to fit where my stock tank is. It sit a little lower but fills in the voids. It cost $800 but i hate having to stop for fuel. I have a 05 duramax gmc crew cab if that helps. Thanks
  2. Hey MF. When are you going riding and why wasn't I notified? Marcie and I are going to Chadwick the week after psycho memorial weekend. We need to get back to Milford lake this summer and try to make it up the hill that you didn't( the bike did).HA HA.
  3. Guy trip weekend. Looking for more to ride with. There should be about 12 of use there, but theres always room for more. I will be smoking a hog that i killed 2 weeks ago. If you are one of those guy's that like to stay up all night pissing everyone else off, don't bother. It only takes one ******* to make a miserable weekend for others.
  4. Such anger and hostility in here . I'll be right back with some mello out stuff for ya! There are dumb ass people everywhere in this world doing stupid s%$t on anything motorized. Called my supplier and we are all out. So heres what you do. Go to the super market and find some tampons, shove one up you a$$ and go on with you pathetic life. Don't forget your midol. Its all in fun.
  5. YES! Check out White rock its SE of Fayetteville. I have been there 3 times and there is so much more to see. There are some really nice single tracks that go on for miles.
  6. Make sure that you set the perch adjuster to its specs. It took me a few tries to finally get it right. Which spring you use will set how fast it engages. Make sure you check gap after break in.
  7. Got my new bike and on my way home when a squirrel decided to fall out of a tree and nailed me right in the chest. Luckily i was only going 30mph. It felt like i was kicked in the chest. I had a bruise for a week.Punkass animals
  8. The trails are marked just like skiing trails. Green= easy Blue= difficult Black= oh shit. My wife and kids ride there with me and there are plenty of trails for the new guys. Don't get scared off just ride it. The trail map at Kay's gas station will help you. You will have 4 days of great time.
  9. Where the F#$% is your gear dumba$$? I hate seeing vids that nobody has gear on. I hope you all dont have children some day!
  10. I have told all of my buddies about my rekluse and they all say that they wouldn't like it . Well, i sold my bike to a friend with the rekluse left in and now he is a believer . We rode this weekend in whiterock in the snow and he couldn't believe how much it saved him.
  11. different transmission. I have a 02 wr 426 and it has all the low end power you need for climbing and also a shit load of power for speed. You wont be sorry.
  12. I got a confirmation from them today. They said it has shipped. We'll see.
  13. They Still tell me that it will be there someday.
  14. I hate hearing the popping and would like to fix it before my 3 day weekend ride.
  15. Sorry I thought you said back door explorer. HAHA