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  1. passatv6

    2006 Drz's

    I have an 06 SM black, and the only change was the signal lights, they are clear now
  2. passatv6

    Just Installed Full Yosh and jet kit.

    thanks everyone, I will definatley mess with is tomorrow and let you know if it is OK.
  3. Whew, I started at 4 pm and ended at 11:30 last night, but I got all the parts back on, I did not realize how in depth that install was. I got to take a short spin, and WOW what a difference, I went with 155 and 25. My question is I think when I took off my throttle cable I might have messed with the screws when I took it off, and now my throttle does not snap back, it there something to check the correct throttle placement. thank you
  4. passatv6

    full exhaust or slip on?

    Why not Yosh, they were in with Suzuki on the design
  5. passatv6

    DRZ400SM 2005 FMF Power Up Kit (new)

    you have to call TT to get the specific kit, I have an 06 SM and just ordered it on Tuesday
  6. passatv6

    2006 DR-Z 400SM no yosh fit yet?

    I ordered the specific SM kit, should I use the jets it comes with or change them, I live in Texas, maybe a little above sea level, not much.
  7. passatv6

    2006 DR-Z 400SM no yosh fit yet?

    I called them back and got a better tech, I got the Yosh on order as well as a 140 main and 25 pilot, can't wait to put it on
  8. I called TT and ordered my dynojet kit, mcct, and tried to get my yosh, but they have not confirmed that the pipe will fit an 06, does anyone have a full yosh on their 06? Also since I am not getting my full yosh yet, should I modify my stock exhaust for the jet kit and 3x3 mod
  9. passatv6

    Oil Filter O-ring

    OK, I got my 2 new orings and changed my oil, no metal in the oil, so I fell OK, but when I was pouring the oil, I noticed that the shop I got the oil from, a Suzuki dealership gave me 20w-50 and I had 10w40 at home. Is it ok to mix the two? Also, does anyone empty the third bolt under the oil fiter, I have opened mine up every time since solids will settle, it might be a good soilds catch hole. Could someone some me where the screen filter is? thanks
  10. passatv6

    Oil Filter O-ring

    I appreciate the advice, I will change the oil and go buy a bunch of the O rings , big and small.
  11. passatv6

    Stock Exhaust tip

    Say I wanted to go the other way and make my stock exhaust louder, I have taken the end cap off and I like the way it sounds. Can I just leave it off, or should I cut the mesh pipe and cap off, I am going to get the full yosh, but not till christmas, any suggestions thanks
  12. passatv6

    Oil Filter O-ring

    I think I may have messed up. When I changed my oil, I thought I saw some sort of tiny o-ring in the Oil Filter cavity, but I could not find it, I installed my new filter and have not looked back, I have about 300 miles on the bike, and about 150 without the tiny oring. Is this a big problem, and has anyone had a similar experience? thanks
  13. passatv6

    drz400sm owner club new member

    Thank you for the advice, I am just a little confused about the store. Which model can we refernence for the 06 SM, do we use E, S, or what...... What I would like is a full exhaust system, jet kit, and a few more minor mods to get a little extra power out of my new SM. If someone could reccomend the specific parts I would appreciate a whole lot. I do have to say that this bike is a blast, I broke her in yesterday and changed the oil with some very fine metal specs in it. I had a TT 600 before, and this is much more fun, very easy to handle thank you again in advance, this site rocks
  14. passatv6

    drz400sm owner club new member

    Hello, I just purcahsed a black one yesterday and wanted to know what are some good websites to buy aftermarket parts like exhaust, jets, suspension, etc..........thank you