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  1. Thanks guys!
  2. I just stared noticing that if I don't turn off my gas when I park my bike my carb gets flooded, gets really hard to start and I end up with a ton of gas in my oil. So I took my carb apart and removed the "valve/piston" and noticed gouges in it. So I ordered a replacement and when it got here the replacement "valve" is plastic and the existing is aluminum. Is that right? I ordered an oem part for my model and year. Can anybody tell me if that's right? Here's the part I'm talking. It's number 16 on the diagram about
  3. Yeah it is bigger, I've been doing research and I can't find anything about the comparability of the bikes..
  4. Thanks! I'll have to keep that in mind! How much was the setup?
  5. Anybody have a 2006crf 450r stock gas tank that they want to sell or trade for mine? My dad gave me his bike and he had put a stock crf450X tank on it and I want to put the original tank back on. I'll trade my tank or buy it from you.
  6. Thanks! I was gonna get the smoke colored line with black banjos, but then I realized you wouldn't be able to see the steel braids and it cost more. I like the look of the basic silver braided lines. Thumper talk just had a thing where you buy the front and get the rear free! So I ended up getting the set for 60 bucks! May I add the awesome improvement in braking they give you tho! Wish I woulda done it sooner
  7. Just got done installing front and rear Galfer steel braided lines
  8. Anybody that lives in San Diego wanna buy a new GOLD DID 520 xring chain?? I installed it and realized it's not the one I wanted
  9. Is that the TST tail light?
  10. You're supposed to use 100% engine ice, diluting it turns it into... Well engine water lol Just make sure you bleed the cooling system and get all the air pockets out
  11. I've had really good luck with twin air and Uni air filters. If you're cleaning em with gas that will eat up the glue. I use the maxima air filter cleaner and maxima air filter oil. Have been for years and never has done me wrong
  12. Hahhaha... That's a joke right??
  13. Kevlar renthals are my grip of choice
  14. Just changed my hoses, flushed out the naaaasty coolant, and filled her with some engine ice Obviously well overdue for a cooling system flush! That's what 6 different coolants look like after 6 months
  15. All done with this problem Just need a new chain and I'm back to the streets!