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    1997 CR250 rear wheel to use on 2003 CR250

    The swing arm will not have to bend, as you can see in the photos the overall lengh is the exact same between both the old and new axle with the bearings and inner and outer collars. The old bearings were thicker with thin outer collars and the new bearing are thinner with wider outer collars. I put the washer behind the sprocket side bearings to space it out so the bearing would rest on the inner collar and inner hub shoulder the same. As for the lock ring, you have to put a washer between it and the bearing, due to it being thinner. Here is a part number for a seal that is a close fit. (National #240736) I got it at O'Reillys Auto Parts. I had to sand the outer diameter down so it would fit inside the lock ring. I also had to sand down the outer collar to fit inside the seal. You can see in the posted pictures the collar sanded down.
  2. Maverick313

    1997 CR250 rear wheel to use on 2003 CR250

    I didn't cut the inner collar down because the overall lenght would change and you would have to use a washer between the sprocket side outer collar and swing arm. Now when I change the wheel I just pull the axle out leave the collars in and put the other wheel in its place with its collars. Simple and no visible spacers. In fact, no one has even figured out it is an older rear wheel.
  3. Maverick313

    1997 CR250 rear wheel to use on 2003 CR250

    Update I placed the 97 wheel in the 03 swing arm, used the smaller diameter 97 axle and collars and everything was the correct width. So I found it was just a matter of converting the 97 wheel to accept a larger diameter 03 axle. I ordered a bearing and seal kit for a 2003. I also ordered an oem inner collar and outer collars. After all the parts arrived I pulled the 97 hub apart and placed everything on the axle and did the same with the new parts on the 03 axle. I found everything lined up except behind the sprocket side bearings. The photo shows the gap that needs filled. So I made a washer to fit between the shoulder on the hub and the sprocket side bearings. The inside of the washer was opened up enough so the inner collar would not touch it and could move freely. You can see the washer added in the picture. After measuring everything multiple times I was ready to put it together. I discovered inside the hub there was a raised ridge to keep the inner collar in place during wheel removal. I sanded the ridge down quickly with a file. I put the all the parts in and everything fit. On the sprocket side I used the 03 seal but had to sand down the outer diameter a little for it fit and used the 03 outer collar. On the brake side I found I had to make a washer to fill the gap between retainer ring and thinner 03 bearing. Again the inside of the washer was opened up enough so the outer collar would not touch it and could move freely. There was no way the 03 seal would work. I trip to the Auto parts store with some measurements and I found a seal the that was close (National #240736). I had to sand the outside diameter of the seal so it would fit into the retainer ring. The outer collar was also sanded down to remove the ridge off the end, you can see it in the above photos. With everything put together I put it on the bike and tightened it up. Everything lines up and spins freely. In closing the 2000 and newer rear wheels is the way to go and easier. But if you already have the older wheels or get them for cheap this may be an option for you. With the purchase of my 97 chasis, I sold almost everything except the wheels. Even with the purchase of the new parts I have about $64.00 invested in a complete set of spare wheels. I plan to leave hard pack tires on them for when I ride on ungroomed tracks and practice and save the sharp knobbies for races. Let me know it you have any questions.
  4. I bought a 1997 CR250 rolling chassis, with no motor, for cheap. Both wheels are in good shape and I know the front wheel will work on my 2003 CR250. My question is if I put 2003 rear wheel bearings and internal bearing spacer in the 1997 rear hub, they should fit correct? On the sprocket side I can use the 2003 seal and collar. On the brake side I can use the 2003 collar but will have to use a custom size seal or use a 1997 seal with a custom collar. Is this correct, I did some research but could not find a definitive answer. Thanks
  5. Maverick313

    adjusting rc valve 2007 cr250

    Here is a link. This is the same method I used on my 2003. http://motocrossacti...ECTRIC-897.aspx
  6. Maverick313

    Post pics of your CR's

    Here she is after putting it back together, update from my post on page 153. I finally got to ride it yesterday. Wow, the handling is sweet, it is the best handling bike I have ever riden, so stable everywhere on the track. Just a few things I want to change but I'm very pleased.
  7. Maverick313

    Post pics of your CR's

    And here some bonus action shots of the 1999.
  8. Maverick313

    Post pics of your CR's

    Here are some of my bikes. My old 1999 after its first rebuild from stock. Here it is during one of its many rebuilds. Here is my new bike, a 2003 I just got, I went through a dark period and rode a CRF450. What was I thinking! This is how sits now, while I wait on parts. I was lucky it already had a Moto Tassanari V3, PC Platinum 2 pipe and I have several parts I'm putting on it from my 450, like fastway pegs and offset applied triple clamps.
  9. Maverick313

    lapping intake valves

    If the valves seal, why would it matter if they were cut or lapped. Why would they have a short life?
  10. Maverick313

    lapping intake valves

    I have a CRF with low hours. I have adjusted the exhaust valves once, but the intake valves have been ajusted 3 times and are out of adjustment again. I ordered the Kibblewhite intake kit and new seals. When I remove the head can I lapp the new stainless steel valves myself and install them or do the valve seats have to cut by a machine shop? I have lapped new oem valves in the past for a old Suzuki thumper and not had any trouble. Thanks.
  11. Maverick313

    My vote: Best looking CRF450 of 2009 !

    What kind of hand guards are on the second bike? Got to go with the first bike and check out the tank:applause:
  12. Maverick313

    DIY valve job thread?