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  1. wRrooster

    wr450... need more bottom end...

    The YZ exhaust cam will open up the torque nicely on your WR. I'd say that this is the best power mod for these bikes, and the cam is only about $100. I did the cam swap a few years ago and love the new low end power/torque. I've found that my exhaust valves are wearing a bit more, but its worth the regular re-shimming for the way the bike runs now.
  2. wRrooster

    Battery removal

    I've taken out the starter and battery. I just need a bit more spark when kicking over. Hopefully the capacitor will provide a bit more spark, because its waaay to hard to start the way it is right now. I tried just running a smaller battery, but the way I had it set up, the battery wasn't charging and my ignition system was cutting out when the voltage dropped.
  3. wRrooster

    Battery removal

    I'm ready to try the battery eliminator capacitor, but can't find a place that sells them, or even knows what I'm talking about. I've tried a battery specialist and an auto supply store, but both were clueless. Is this a specialty item, or is it a normal capacitor that can be purchased at an electrical supply store? Thanks
  4. wRrooster

    Changing a WR Tire

    I've been running 1 rim-lock on my wr since day one, with no problems, just tape up the extra hole from the inside of the rim. I find that a little dish soap mixed with water in a spray bottle works well, and won't potentially slip like WD-40 might? The best thing I've found for changing tires is a bead buddy. You can get one from rocky mountain pretty cheap, or get the original design that rocky mtn copied from motion pro for more $$$. With a bead buddy, 2 good levers and some soapy water, its almost too easy!
  5. wRrooster

    Blown Piston Rings?

    After dumping the gas and putting in fresh high-test, new plug, cleaned carb. I took it for a rip and after about 2-3mins of heavy throttle riding, it did the same thing... there was a sharp decrease in power and it was bogging down. The plug is really white (looks way too lean), but I still don't think its a carb issue, especially after just cleaning it, and my jetting has always been spot-on. Valves are also within spec. Besides it being a bad CDI, and I don't want to go buy a new one of those just for a test, I don't know what else this could be? Could a valve not seating properly cause a lean condition and loss of power like this? I've done all the cheap and easy fixes I can think of before replacing expensive parts.
  6. wRrooster

    Blown Piston Rings?

    Gradual spark decline is a good way to describe it. I did put in a new plug when I got home, fired it up and had the same popping going on when I revved it. I didn't notice any smoke out the tail pipe, so hopefully its not a blown piston/ring. Could a CDI/mis-fire problem cause such a fouled plug? Normally mine is a perfect coffee with cream color, now its got a black electrode and the threads are oily. I don't think its a carb/mis-jetting issue.
  7. wRrooster

    Blown Piston Rings?

    Thanks Dave, I'll look into that. I actually did remove my starter motor the other day, so it could be a wiring issue, but I've been riding for a day and a half problem free until this happened.
  8. wRrooster

    Blown Piston Rings?

    Maybe someone can tell me what a blown piston ring in a 4-stroke is like? I've got an 04 wr450f and have never had a problem with my bike. I shim the valves regularly, but have never replaced the piston or rings. Yesterday, I started to get some popping at high revs, kept riding, started to get the same bog and popping at mid-rpm. Then while trying to get my bike out of the woods, it started dying out at low revs, barely on the gas, then to the point where it will barely start, or dies instantly if it does start. I got it home, after driving a truck into where it died, checked the plug.... it looks fouled, like one of my buddies 2-strokes! My plug had never looked like this, it has always been perfect. I took my carb apart for kicks, it was clean, nothing was blocked. Is the fouled plug from blow-by of the piston rings? If the rings are blown, I thought there would be no compression, which there is at the kick starter. Before I tear my engine apart, maybe someone who has seen this can give me some advise? Thanks
  9. wRrooster

    YZ exhaust cam vs Hotcams exhaust on WR450

    I experienced a huge power gain in low RPM's going with the YZ exhaust cam. So much that I can now pull a taller gear up hills that I would be bogging down in at the same low RPM's with the WR cam (without changing my jetting). I can't say that I noticed a whole lot in the higher RPM's, but I didn't need a big gain there anyways. Its by far the best $100 mod you can do to a WR! Why bother with Hotcams, when you know you can get the power with a realiable Yamaha part?
  10. wRrooster

    Battery removal

    Thanks William. I remember hearing about someone using a battery eliminator capacitor, I'll look around for one of those. I might have to play around a bit, as I'd rather leave my tail/brake light working.
  11. wRrooster

    Battery removal

    I've been having starter/battery issues for a while now and have resorted to just kicking it over. I've tried taking the battery out to save the weight up high, but the bike won't kick over nearly as easily as it will with the battery connected. I've tried grounding the negative lead with the battery out (as mentioned in a thread on this site) but it doesn't help either. Can someone suggest what I can do to get rid of the dead weight (remove battery) and still have it kick over as well as with the battery connected. Next step will be started removal. Thanks.
  12. wRrooster

    Motor oil?

    I've been using Thumper oil ever since the first oil change on this bike, and have had mostly good luck with it. It barely discolors between new and when I change it (about every 300kms).....but I noticed something strange the last time I changed my oil. After pouring the liter of oil into my bike, I saw some black residue sitting in the bottom of the bottle! I thought &%$#@!, I just poured a bunch of dirt in to my bike! I called Bel Ray and the guy on the phone said that it was just an additive that had dropped out of solution. He also said that if I poured oil back into the bottle and shook it up, it would mix again, and that engine temps would dissolve it back into solution. This seems entirely possibly, but I'm thinking of trying another brand, just for peace of mind! Has anyone else ever noticed this with their brand of oil?
  13. wRrooster

    Valve Shim Sizes

    I've got some tight valves in my 04 WR450F that need re-shimming. I'm going to order up a few different sizes of shims to make sure that I have the right shims when I take my cams out for the first time. What I'm wondering is if all (04)WR450's come stock with roughly the same stock shim size? I'm assuming that both intake and exhaust come with approximately 175 (1.75 mm) shims? Is it OK to assume that my stock shims are within .05mm of that size and order up the next few smaller sizes (1.70mm, 1.65mm)? What shim sizes did you guys find in there when you adjusted them for the first time? BTW- I've been reading this forum for a while, thanks for all the tips.