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  1. Ktmcanuck

    jimmy ellis

    Captain Cobalt as Jimmy Ellis was known is in my opinion the best overall MX/SX rider ever hired by Bombardier. Who else could ride the Blackwidow (1975 Can-Am 250mx) as fast? Ellis, Buck Murphy and Mike Runyardt were some of the fastest guys I'd ever seen ride a Can-Am. Quite a feat when the bike handled like a bag of you know what. Those guys could ride anything and be fast.
  2. Ktmcanuck

    Trail-Tech vs Scotts mount

    Have this exact set-up on my 250XCF. Other than having to get a stem from Scott it was an easy install. Like the raised bars as it lessens the fatigue on my shoulders and arms.
  3. Ktmcanuck

    feeler guage ???

    Use # 2 here. Works great and lessened the valvetrain adjustment process considerably.
  4. Ktmcanuck

    2009 Endurocross Schedule?

    2009 schedule is now listed on the endurocross website www.endurocross.com
  5. Ktmcanuck

    08 250 SXF exhaust fit 08 250 XCFW

    Definitely! Got one on my '08 250 XCF
  6. Ktmcanuck

    KTM Supermoto Front Fender!?

    I just ordered two weeks ago from Munns Racing. They had it in stock and I recieved it last Friday.
  7. Ktmcanuck


    Sidi Crossfire all the way! Got two pairs. One for enduro and one for supermoto. Easy to replace parts, both have stood up well with minimal maintenance. Like being able to replace the sole and for the supermoto boots the sliders with just a screwdriver. Broke a strap attachment on the one pair and with only a $3.00 investment ito purchase a new clip from SIDI they were back in service.
  8. Ktmcanuck

    Steering dampner question

    You can adjust the length of the inner post a little which may get you to the height you need. I needed to do this as I've got a Trailtech bar mount which lets me mount a Scott Damper underbar and a TrailTech computer
  9. Ktmcanuck

    1985 Rotax 250cc two-stroke engine?

    If it's a 250 Rotax then it'll run just fine on 40:1 and 50:1 is not out if the question. These engines are pretty bullet proof.
  10. Ktmcanuck

    Zofka100 - Off road race Hope B.C.

    Oops! You're right it is the 28th. I was so into doing some more riding since last weekend that I brushed over next week!
  11. Ktmcanuck

    Zofka100 - Off road race Hope B.C.

    Awesome day! Course was challenging but fun. Really appreciate all the work that was put in by the volunteers! Now to try and keep my bike from overheating! Anyone doing the poker run in Squamish this weekend?
  12. Ktmcanuck

    vegas, rider's section seats, where r they?

    They're not great seats. They are the last section of the arena on the side near the rear of the building. Unless you get seats on the stairway you'll probably be unable to see the bigscreen at the end of the arena and as these are first come, first serve you get what you get. This section was also oversold last year which caused it's own problems. The good piece is that you get to mingle with anyone who's riding or connected to a rider so if Ahola, Knight or Taddy show-up you might just end-up sitting beside them.
  13. Ktmcanuck

    Kart Racin Party in OK city

    Took us two and a half days going down and about the same going back. Gotta tell ya that was the hottest weather I've ever been in. Must have been 110+ on that pavement. Good thing we had an awning, although the guys next to us lost theirs on Saturday afternoon when the wind picked up. They had three lashed together and when the wind blow it picked them up including one of the riders that was trying to hold them down and wrapped them around a light pole. I'm hoping to be at the final in LV so maybe I'll see ya there!
  14. Ktmcanuck

    Kart Racin Party in OK city

    The kart racing at Vegas was awesome although the time was a little short given the number of people there. Hey cycle-psycho I think I was parked next to you on Friday. Black Hummer with trailer from BC.
  15. Ktmcanuck

    '08 250 sxf Starting Woes

    Hi, Although I have a 2008 250 XCF I've had the same problem. I ended up with a JD Jetting kit and had to use the blue needle with the clip on the 4th notch. These engines seem very tempermental when it comes to outside temperature. I had to play around with the fuel screw to 1.75 turns. I also noticed that my first two rides the idle would pickup and I was having to turndown out the idle screw which is probably due to the engine loosening up. Hope this helps