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  1. It is hard to start both hot and cold. This could be because the motor is still very tight and I am not putting enough muscle into it? Maybe the fuel screw is letting in too much fuel? Is the fuel screw part of the choke system? Not sure I do not have a repair manual for it yet. Thanks
  2. I have currently posted in the jetting form for a few answers for my elevation of 3,000 feet. Will be riding from 3,000 - 5,000 foot elevation. Bike is brand new with only 22 miles. Was stored for a few years. I changed the oil and drained all old fuel, cleaned the carb, nothing plugged or gummed up. Current modifications: Calif. smog junk removed. HRC exhaust tip on stock pipe. Airbox baffles removed. Stock air filter and backfire screen. 49 state intake manifold. Main jet 175 Pilot jet 65s B53F needle with the clip in the #3 position. Not sure what setting the fuel screw should be at. Bike is running too rich I think. I have a white bros. E series exhaust ready to install. What other mods(other than internal engine) will be needed to make this bike really rip. Thanks,Mark
  3. Thanks, I just ordered matching front and rear shipped for a grand total of $53.00. Front tire was $23.00 rear was only $5.56.
  4. Hello, I am a new member and I need some advice. I just bought a 2001 XR650R with only 22 miles on the bike(rich guy owned it and did not ride it) Bike was stored for a few years in the garage. I drained all the old fuel and replaced it with fresh premium. All jets clean and clear along with all other orifices. Bike is currently setup with the following modifications. 49 state intake manifold. Airbox baffles removed. Stock air filter with stock backfire screen. Stock muffler with HRC tip. Calif. Smog junk removed. Main jet 175 Pilot jet 65s B53F needle with the clip in the #3 position. Not sure what setting the fuel screw should be at. Purchased bike in San Diego area about 800 foot elevation. (bike probably setup for this elevation) I live and will ride the bike in the high desert of southern Calif.(Palmdale) Elevation will range from 3000 - 5000 feet. Humidity is very low with temp ranges from 25 degrees(F) to 110 degrees(F). This bike does not start too easy, I used to have an xr600 so I know the starting procedure. Flooded the bike a few times and then had to clear it out before it finally started. I do have a White Bros. E series pipe ready to install with 12 discs. Maybe I should run this pipe with different jets? Not sure? All advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark