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  1. canblue

    No MT16???

    Looks like its an order online from the US or wait until I drive down. Parts Canada doesn't list the MT16. How does the MT16 hold up to riding on roots, as in getting the knobs torn off? Steve
  2. canblue

    No MT16???

    Can't seem to get a Pirelli MT16 in Canada! They do list the MT18, how close it that to the MT16? Steve
  3. canblue

    Electric start problem...

    That's the first test I did and mine started. Traced the problem down later to a bad solenoid and now that its replaced, no problems. Steve
  4. canblue

    First DRZ problem, kinda weird too

    Went for another ride today and it failed to start again! Of course this time I was ready for it and with my multimeter in hand I traced the problem to the solenoid. I was hoping it was a simple bad connection somewhere but oh well, at least I know what it is. Off for some parts on Monday. This has also made me think of adding a kickstart. Steve
  5. canblue

    First DRZ problem, kinda weird too

    I didn't see any little black box, all I saw was the starter switch wires running to a tiny black connecter inside the wiring boot beside the steering stem. Do those wires go straight back to the soleniod or is there a relay (or something) somewhere else? Steve
  6. So we went out ride the trails today, started off bad as my friends quad just wasn't running right so I was riding solo for most of the day. When I returned, the third time I think , he was almost ready to go so I took a few minutes to change my shifter to the extended one I had. Well .... right after I changed it the DRZ wouldn't start, power was there but no starter. I bypassed the switch and the clutch lockout ... still nothing. Pulled off the right panel and did the old screw driver on the solenoid ... bingo, she starts. So for the rest of the day I planned to carry a screw driver and leave the panel off. Now I get geared up again, walk over to the DRZ and out of habit I touch the magic button .... she starts! So for the rest of the day it worked then didn't, sometimes moving the bike around made it work though. I guess I'll have to wait till it fails again and keep my multimeter with me to find the problem. Anyone ever had a problem like this? Steve
  7. canblue

    Do you worry about scratches anymore ?

    Exactly ... its a dirtbike! I didn't worry about scratches after I dumped it numerous times on my first trail ride ... I still swear that some of those logs jump up and bite the tires when you try to go over them. One guy I ride with must use a case of pledge a year on his bike though. I say put all the anal cleaning effort into proper maintenance and you'll be much happier in the long run. Steve
  8. canblue

    ACL recovery

    drmark, having a recent ACL injury myself (still pre-surgery) I'm interested in your patella graft information. I just started reading up on the different proceedures and would like to read your research material or material from others who do the same proceedure and protocols. Can you please email me any related information. Thanks, Steve
  9. canblue

    Best maps for DS riding

    Trail maps can be hard to come by, depending on the state. Searching the web for riding clubs in that area is a good bet, sometimes you even get GPS logs of trails. I'm kinda surprised with all the OHV use more maps don't exist, I still can't find anything for the Black Hills in SD other than hiking trails you can't ride on. Steve
  10. canblue

    how fast can you go on a DRZ 400s?

    137 actual speed (GPS reading) on a gravel road, stock gearing, stock bike, bouncing off the rev limiter. Steve Note: I'm Canadian ... that's in km/h
  11. canblue

    trade SM for R1??

    I own both so I'll say you can't go wrong with either ... just different kinds of fun. Steve P.S. Maybe wait for a while and if he can't sell it, try to pick it up for real cheap.
  12. canblue

    drz 400e stock exhaust

    Got any pics of what exactly you uncorked? Steve
  13. canblue

    How many miles on your odometer?

    I really don't know ... everytime I hit 99.9 it goes back to zero. Steve
  14. canblue

    Best Thing for My DRZ

    See can we up north .... its just on a white background. Steve
  15. canblue

    Stainless Steel Wool Exhaust Packing

    Regular steel wooll, the stuff you use for polishing, will get red hot and break into small pieces which fly out the back of the exhaust ... never use it, been there, done that. The stainless type might work, never tried it though. Steve