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  1. macenator

    Float bowl baffle

    Yes, I tried the 05 carb and It worked, no bogging. But that will be the last choise of solution to the problem since it's the most expensive. And I'm also curious to find out what solves the bogging on the 2006 carb. The mod companies seems to know it.? And if you can get the 06 carb to work It will give you the most power
  2. macenator

    CRF 250 -06 Carbmods

    I have the same bogging problem as most guys with the CRF250 -06. Does anyone know what jettings (main, leak jet, Pilot, Needle) the carbmod companys put in?
  3. macenator

    Float bowl baffle

    I have the same problem with bogging. I've tried diffrent jettings, both leaner and richer but nothing helps. I removed the float bowl baffle and didn't cure the bogging. I guess it helps in hard landings. It seems like the problem is with the leak jet. A smaller one is needed (#40-45). I heven't tried it my self yet but others have and claim that it gets better. Some guys I talked to claims that the carb is clogged somwhere near the AP. I will try to clean the with carb with ultrasound washer and see if it gets any better. If I find the solution I post it right away. Any one know exactly what tokymods put in? Jettings, Main, Pilot, Leak, Fuel screw.?