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  1. Go to koubalink.com they have three different sets of lowering links for the DRZ400
  2. There is a lot of flex in the blinkers you can almost bend then straight down I also put the same blinkers on the front using the DRC blinker stays on the top triple clamp bolts pretty cool. I tried the electronic flasher but there flashed but were way to dim. They flash a little faster then stock but I like it so they will stay that way
  3. Yes I have the fast blinking. I picked up an Electronic 2 prong flasher but have not installed it yet. I think I will adapt a plate across the holes but a little longer to mount the license plate
  4. What do you think Before and after pictures should be in My Garage pretty easy install and I like it but the plate bracket is not long enough for a Michigan license plate I will have to adapt something:prof: Thanks for viewing
  5. brettboz

    DRZ corbin issue

    I took a atv gripper seat cover and cut the front back so it would fit around the front of the seat. stretched it over the rest of the seat and pop riveted to the bottom of mine works great no sliding
  6. brettboz

    Generator cover cap stripped

    I drilled two shallow holes towards the outer edge of the plug and used a Hammer and chisel to break it loose
  7. brettboz

    Rear Brake Pedal

    What model and year of bike
  8. brettboz

    DRZ400S gas tank and mileage question??

    I get about 50 miles per gallon on my stock 2003 DRZs hope that helps