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  1. Can some kindly person please tell me? KLX250 main. 2009 if that matters.
  2. hhenry

    Mixing tires

    Appreciate the advice and info !! Thanks.
  3. hhenry

    Mixing tires

    Need to replace the rear tire on my SM. Thinking of going with a Conti-force 150. Stock front is still fine. Any problems with this arrangement? Cheers
  4. hhenry


    Awesome information lads !! So is that the gripper material on RobH's bike? Cheers : Barry
  5. hhenry


    Ok, I have to get a new seat. I tried the Suzuki gel. Absolutely brutal. I'm going to bite the bullet and get a Corbin. Big bucks, but it should be worth it, I hope. Thing is, I see a lot of options with different vinyl textures on the top and side. Also, welts (?) are an option. Any ideas what would look good on a black 06? Anyone have opinions on the Corbin seat? Any pics that would give me clues before I order? Thanks guys : Barry
  6. hhenry

    Street style pegs for SM

    Hey 66Shelby. I see two different styles of peg on that Ebay ad. Is one front and one passenger? Do you know which you;re getting? Let us know how you make out, too. Cheers : Barry
  7. hhenry

    Street style pegs for SM

    I've been thinking the same thing 66. Let me know if you find a set that fits.
  8. hhenry

    Acerbis on DRZ/SM

    Hey ! Can anyone confirm for me that an Acerbis replacement front fender will fit a SM without modification? Thanks.
  9. hhenry

    Curious about your gas mileage

    I thought I was getting miserable milage too. Until one of the very knowledgable folks here brought up the point that the odometer has compensation available between 70% and 130%. Mine was set to 70. Check yours !!
  10. hhenry

    DR-Z 400 SM - Excessive Fuel Consumption

    First two were high because you were taking it easy. Looks like you're filling up as soon as you hit reserve, which is what I do as well. I usually get around 90km on my new SM with short hops around town. Continuous ride nets me 110-120Km. Cheers : Barry
  11. hhenry

    Bug Eyes

    Check these out. http://bugeyes.com/
  12. hhenry

    Spiegler S/S on SM

    I have a quick question for anyone familiar with Spiegler S/S brake lines. I have a SM and want to get the Spiegler front brake line. They don't have a specific listing for the SM but have a #SU0013 listing for a S/E and a #SU0011 for S. Which one will fit best, if any? Also is the rigid piece available in black? Thanks guys. I always appreciate the help : Barry
  13. hhenry

    Baja Design LED question

    Thanks MrTucker.
  14. hhenry

    Baja Design LED question

    Hey guys. Can a Baja Design tail-light be fitted to a SM without any modification of the existing rear fender and license plate bracket assembly? Cheers.
  15. hhenry

    Renthal handlebar Q

    I want to get a set of Renthal Off-Road bars for my SM. I'm looking for something slightly lower and slightly narrower than stock. Can anyone recommend a part # or bend style that will fit the bill and bolt right on? Can I reuse the stock bar ends or will I need Renthal ones? Thanks in advance : Barry