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  1. tobychi

    Competitive Edge MX today...

    I was there today from 8:30 - 12-ish.... was told at the gate that there's a photoshoot today. Was on the main track between 9 -9:30. Spent the rest of the time at the intermediate track.... Fun!! Hope you had a good time with your friend! Oh BTW, if you wanna see Pros, head out to Glen Helen on Thursday mornings!
  2. tobychi

    Front fork sag

    hi djo269, I didn't believe it when my friend told me just to turn it with my hands, but it really worked. hockey66 as to how to set sag, I believe I had seen threads here on this site, just do a search (or on Google) you should be able to find help here, or goto race-tech.com I think they have articles on this topic with pictures to illustrate. Good luck.
  3. tobychi

    Front fork sag

    unlock the top ring with a long screwdriver and a mallet. I used to hammer the lower ring the same way to adjust it, slow and paintful... no more! Learned a new trick recently... just trun the spring itself to make the adjustment
  4. tobychi

    06` yz 450

    welcome to the forum. Just bought one, too. For the sake of spark arrestor I got a DR.D with header (and quiet core!!!!). no need for rejetting yet riding at near 2k elevation... still new to it (just 2 days However it did back fire a bit while first warming up. Boy this bike is mean! And looks good in yellow! I think I'll get a larger footpeg. And yeah, lowered the forks about one line down and moved the stock bar forward about half of a mark for a bit "raised" feel.
  5. tobychi

    extending leg out before landing

    I agree... I suppose this is a very SX track suited technique. I am amazed how fluid those riders looked when transitioning from a landing to a corner... and fast! This would be, at least for me, almost like the Bubba Scrub move -- l'd rather enjoy watching the pros make those moves then making a fool out of myself trying.
  6. I have seen during SX races that some riders, while still in air, already had their leg extended forward, off the peg, before they land before a turn. What's the physics and detail behind this maneuver? Thanks.
  7. what a show! I love those 7 & 8 year old racers!!!! For a few laps there it was awesome when Reed, RC & JS were one two and three. And LaRocco is inspiring. Some folks sitting around me were giving JS the finger during his parade lap. I wish they would drink less beer!!! For crying out loud my 3 year old son was sitting next to them. Well, it's a free country... and those who rides fast can't be denied! Can't wait till the nationals...
  8. tobychi

    What do Clear Creak riders think of Shooters

    Is it okay with the law to pack while riding? Just wondering... I shoot, too. However I haven't done so at the same time when I go riding.
  9. tobychi

    Riding in southern california

    one exit west of El Mirage and you'd get to Johnson Valley. http://www.ca.blm.gov/barstow/johnson.html It has dry lake beds, and a bit more terrain change than El Mirage. What are some good tracks for beginners to practice on near LA?
  10. tobychi

    Letter Writing Time!!!!

    Great post, thanks for the links! Will do some more research on my part and draft a letter. Great letter EM, thanks!
  11. tobychi

    Gorman Weds. 1/4/06

    Me three!! Wow, I've never run into Asain dirt riders. Very cool! I usually ride around this little close circuit-like area in Gorman about 1 mile in from the Smoky Bear entrance (on the right when heading north, there's no staging area, just a little sandy entrance with a 10' rise.) I'm kicking myself right now for not heading out there early this week right after then rain. If I could make it out there tmorrow, I'm in a white Titan with a CRF250X. Any of you guys going to the SX in Anaheim this Saturday? If so, do any of you guys know the event schedule? I don't know if the heat and semi races is before or after 7 p.m... sorry about this multipurpose post... Toby
  12. Hi there, I've searched the supercross site and all I got is: 12:30 p.m. practice 7:00 p.m. main event Do the heat and semi races happen before or after 7 p.m.? Does anyone have the event schedule? Many thanks.
  13. tobychi

    A video i made, please watch and comment

    Fun!!!! Thanks for the post. It'd be nice to have some close up shots to cut with... in slo-mo. But hey, great job! Thanks to you I'm gonna take tomorrow off so to put in some seat time! You should give director Sam Jones a call! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0441812/
  14. tobychi

    What is your favorite gear!!

    Yes, you are absolutely right! Riding with good gear makes me very HAPPY!!!
  15. tobychi

    What is your favorite gear!!

    goes to show all those pages of O'Neal ads in MXA mag didn't do any good for their branding. I like (or fit well with) • Fox shirts, Strafer pants & Solo gloves • Thor Force helmet • Gaerne SG10 boots • Scott goggles (works with my glasses... till I get lasered...) and these are great: • Fox light proforma (sp?) socks • Alpinestar bionic knee protector • Dainese body armor/safty jacket • Troy Lee Designs lycra padded shorts