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    Ride motocross would love to do it for a living
  1. Spence62

    Orlando rd 11 Torrent

    Absolute legend !!!! cheers mate
  2. Spence62

    My own motorcycle crash compilation

    Yeh those vid clips are awesome mate !! keep up the good work
  3. How you doing Robbiepass ive sussed it i downloaded this thing called Cliprex DS DVD player and now it plays fine ,, So go to google and search for it its gr8 Spence62 KTM SX250F 2006
  4. Spence62

    Teenage Bubba Vid!

    He's actually amazing his whips are just flippin nutty !!!
  5. Spence62

    Best Picture Competition

    What a scrub by Tyla at Desert Martin prob just as good as bubba
  6. Spence62

    MX de Nations Race 3 Torrent

    Hi Can anybody tell me what it plays in when its finished downloading, Ive got Windows Media Player but it wont play the video is there any other program it will run on ??? Downloaded but cant watch ?? Luke
  7. Hi you know when you download the Torrents does the Video play in Media Player ?? Or what other programs can you play it on ??? PLease help Luke
  8. Hi Can any1 actually send me the Outdoors so i can watch them ready to go and everything because my player does not work Thanks
  9. i think its my media player it doesn t open it it says unknown error
  10. Hi Sandnes Thanks for ur help mate but it dont say summery when you say it should do So ill still stuck i wish someone could just send it me and i could just watch it like tht Thanks
  11. Hi Can any1 help me ive downloaded bit lord so i could download the Ama outdoors and round 11 is 100% complete how do i watch it ??? Please help lol Luke
  12. Spence62

    alessi/tedesco crash vid

    No what it was is alessi was trying to stand on tedesco's bike so he could nt pick it up because alessi needed to finish infront of tedesco in moto 2 and get 16 points then he would of won , he was trying to T bone him the hole race (dirty tatics)