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  1. California

    Great article. Thanks d1rider. Hopefully we can get this turned around.
  2. California

    Thanks for the shout out. Well said-as a community of riders we have shot ourselves in the collective foot. Too many flatbillers that watch the Metal Mulisha on youtube and think-"That's cooooollllll duuuuudddeee!"
  3. California

    Well said Curt. Give me a call on my cell and maybe we can make some of this work. Ed
  4. California

    My questions have been answered (and no, not by you Bill) Time to go to work!
  5. California

    Silly me-I was dreaming about a nice long summer in the Sierra's of riding, fishing etc. since last summer was so short. We played by the rules Curt and this is where it got us. If memory serves isn't Judge Karlton the deciding Judge back in 2004 when this all started coming down? And is this conservation group part of Karen's Klub? Have we been pushed far enough? At what point is the "tipping point?" Now what? Ed
  6. California

    Awesome Vid! Thanks for the link.
  7. California

    The non minimalist camping is done in October when we bring everything, even our annual chair to burn on the last night. It's the annual "burning chair" event which signifies it's time to get off our lazy a**es and get back to work! When are you going to join in the festivities? You can't be an adequate Sierra Nazi if you don't!
  8. California

    Holy Cow! A forest actually adding trails! We need to send a copy to the El Dorado forest! Thanks Dave.
  9. California

    Thanks for the heads up Dave. Late notice otherwise I'd probably be going. Have fun everyone.
  10. California

    HAHA. Yeah, I saw that Alite chair and that was the first thing I thought of, if I keep fallling over then it must be time to go to bed!
  11. California

    I'm going backpacking with the kid this wknd to test out our new gear and get him in shape. I'm thinking of riding up to Sol.Mead. and camping instead of bringing the RV. You're going to bring gas for me right?
  12. California

    Great R/R Sean! I heard there was some good hail and snow last weekend. The typical mid Sept. storm that drives everyone out of the mountains. This time of year is the best time up high.
  13. California

    Damn! That gas tank is huge! I bet it was fun in that loose soil with those tires! Yeah, the 2 things I missed was beer and a good chair, but the flask was a priority! I checked out those rokstraps but I already purchased some sea to summit straps and I'm going to try them out first, but if they fail I'm definitely buying the roks. Thanks again.
  14. California

    Once again Tammy you prove to be a totally cool chick! As chicks go that is! I'll check out those Rokstraps, they sound like a good investment. How heavy is the bike with the panniers installed? Do any single track? Ed