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  1. Jon Barlow

    05-510 Potential Buyer with questions:

    Thank you guys. I appreciate the help. The 510 is definately nice. I would be relieved to own one on the maintenance side of the equation. I am going to try for another more rigorous test ride. I will keep you posted. Jon B
  2. Jon Barlow

    05-510 Potential Buyer with questions:

    Irondude: that reminds me, what is the deal on the lighting? Is the stock lighting pretty worthless. Are you saying you have been using the Acerbis lighting?
  3. Jon Barlow

    05-510 Potential Buyer with questions:

    BOB: What do you think about the smoothness of this engine? How tough are they? How often do you do the valves and the oil change when you are not in a racing mode? Anything else that always crops up that I am not aware of? Will the bike cruise along at 75 painlessly with the gearing of 15-48? Will the bike handle the application or am I kidding myself? I want a motor that can be less needy than the KTMs and basically prooven bulletproof. I am not willing to make the leap to the Italian side if this is not the case because I will be unsupported except for internet and phone. Thanks again.
  4. Jon Barlow

    05-510 Potential Buyer with questions:

    What about the Moose taper bars and their conversion kit that does not include a damper but is a nice bar. Does the 510 have a 7/8" bar stock? I know its strong. What size is it? Who has the smaller rear sprockets at a reasonable cost? Moose? Looks like a I need a 46 or 48 and a 15 in front.
  5. I am thinking about a 510 instead of a KTM 525 EXC. I want to use the bike as a dual sport 70/30 dirt to asphalt ratio. I hope to save time consuming maintenance with the Husky. Seems to be one of the easiest bike to work on and maintain. I have a few questions: 1. What gearing do I need to use to get the bike to cruise at 75 on the highway without hurting it and also be able to do rough dirt roads with. Will it do this with one set of sprockets? 2. Do others find the riding compartment cramped. Do I get a set of high bars and risers? 3. Whats with the seat? I have ridden hard seats but that seat is plain old hard. What do you do about it? 4. Does anyone have pics of the 510 (05) with the IMS 3.5 gal tank? 5. Did you know that Clarke is coming out with a 3.5 or so gal tank this month for the 510? Look forward to hearing from you. JB
  6. I want to do the 3X3 airbox mod, run the stock exhaust and I will be riding from 3000 to 6000 feet elevation on a regular basis in Montana. Sometimes higher sometimes lower but in this range typically. What main jet do I use? What pilot? What slot on the slide? Thanks. Jonb