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  1. onelongrunner

    No Longer a DRZ Owner :-(

    Spenddamoney..... Yo man...sorry to bail on you...was nice to meet you. Shoot me an email with pics of the bike though....love playing with this stuff. The Yosh exhaust was waaaaaay worth the money. I have been building a 2005 Subaru WRX rally car too and that is fun, but OMG...BUCKS. The nice thing about bikes is that the mods are reasonably cheap in comparison. Example...I am selling a brakeset for the WRX that I just haven't had time to install...It was over $2200 new...imagine what you can do on a bike for that much. If you have any need to for riding gear, goodies, etc, check my ads in the classifieds. Cheers, Ethan
  2. onelongrunner

    Needed: stock exhaust

    I have a muffler that I'd be happy to sell if you are interested. PM me and let me know how much you'd like to pay for it. It is off of a 2006 S.
  3. onelongrunner

    No Longer a DRZ Owner :-(

    Thanks...I am sure I will be around.
  4. onelongrunner

    No Longer a DRZ Owner :-(

    Ya...I know. she didn't ask me to sell it. We have a bunch of other hobbies in common that we CAN do together and that give me just as much joy as riding. I will probably buy another bike at some point, but right now the prioirities have changed a bit. I DID need a riding buddy, but right now both of us have such limited time (4 teenagers, her school, my work and my two film projects) that what little time I have I want to spend with her, so...it's all good. And ya...I remember meeting you!!!! Nice to hear fomr you. I used Burned's jetting specs btw. Sorry to have gotten you on the modding bandwagon...I added it all up and had over $2000 into that bike...OUCH! Oh well, it was fun. But a big part of my problem was the distance I had to travel to ride offroad. It became too much of a hassle.
  5. onelongrunner

    No Longer a DRZ Owner :-(

    Ya...I'm worried about that...steering well clear of thre for the time being...seeling helmets, boots etc in hopes that that will help. GF twisted her knee up on hers, so she stopped riding...which left me to stop riding. Guess I should consider myself lucky to have a GF I want to spend all my time with...hmmm...good way to think about it.
  6. onelongrunner

    No Longer a DRZ Owner :-(

    It is with great sorrow that I announce that I have sold my beloved DRZ. Very sad day indeed seeing her roll off on someone elses trailer. It was a sweet bike with pretty much more carbon fiber than anyone shoudl ever have, full YOsh exhaust, Clarke Tank, custom graphics...you hame it that bike had it. Anyway, we are done with riding for a while...hopefully someday we will be back to it. Selling a bunch of fun gear if anyone is interested...that too will be hard to watch go!!!
  7. onelongrunner

    Clarke gas cap broken already.....

    I had the aluminum Clarke cap and it was SWEEEET! Try that. Signed... A former DRZ owner...
  8. onelongrunner

    Corbin Seat opinions???

    Get a custom Renazco Racing seat...sued is best in my opinion. Cheaper than a Corbin and a great product.
  9. onelongrunner

    Clarke gas tank yellow color

    Ya...that's about right...it's a bit off, but with graphics on it it doesn't show so badly. I have a used one in perfect condition I might be willing to sell. cheers...
  10. onelongrunner

    Tires for Grave/Dirt Roads

    That's what I have currently. Was worried that they may be a bit too agressive for hard pack dirt or gravel.
  11. onelongrunner

    Anyone have a windshield on their DR-Z400s

    I have folks interested in producing a nice Dakar Style fairing. One option would be about $1500 including mounts and lighting...the other is about $500 NOT including lights, etc. Let me know if you have any interest and I can get you more details. These would be custom and we'd need about 5 folks to order them. If folks are interested, post on here.
  12. onelongrunner

    Tires for Grave/Dirt Roads

    I am going to be doing some rally racing on my DRZ 400. Any recommendations for the perfect tires for dirt roads and gravel? Probably not deathwings, but maybe another dual sport tire? I dunno, seems like a true agressive dirt tire might be overkill...any thoughts?
  13. onelongrunner

    Rear End Kicks Up

    Hehehehee.....yup, we are a fit bunch huh? I am only complanining because I went form being a reasonably competitive ultramarathon runner (50 and 100 mile RUNNING races) to being pretty out of shape. 4 teenagers and a busy life is to blame...so can't probably complain too much as mostly it's great...I just miss being in shape.
  14. onelongrunner

    Rear End Kicks Up

    I had the same problem and I am 200 lbs (and pissed about it). I had someone set my sag and back out the reboud as described. However, staying on the throttle THROUGH the jump...also, you can drag your rear brake a little bit and this will help.
  15. onelongrunner

    who are you.. and what do you do..

    Hi...my name is Ethan and I'm a.....woops, wrong group! I am a 35 and live in California. After years as a political consultant in Washington, DC, I came back to the Bay Area and work as a lobbyist. In addition to riding, I am also a ultra-marathon runner and head up the nation's top team of ultrarunners. I also work with athletes in several sports on public relations, marketing and sponsorship. I am pretty new to riding, but used to race mountain bikes, so the learning curve has been pretty easy for me. I'm looking to get into rally racing and hare scrambles and may consider Baja at some point. I am also in the process of building a 2005 Subaru WRX rally car in case I scare myself too badly at the Olympus Rally. Happy Trails!