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  1. I've got both the t-clamp and linkage. The small amount of height helps. I do 45 mile tough as hell rides and the bike has held up fine for the last two years. Hope you get the HD springs also, the stockers suck. The dealer set up the bike when I got all the parts and told me keep an eye on the neck of the frame, they have seen frames crack with these types of changes. They could also be full of it.
  2. we were in p-town at 10:45, early enough to get some free Red Bulls from the marketers. Pueblo was fun, not too much snow in the gullys, wind was blow'n like crazy, but it was good ride time. I miss rainbow and rampart...
  3. nice ride, if only the guy from NY and Michigan would kill them selves or each other that would be great, yah.
  4. New Yorker right here, holla... C.R.E.A.M Cash Rules Everything Around Me
  5. will be there around 10-10:30, two of us in black Nissan crew cab, two red bikes. both of us are intermediate riders: 05 crf 230f 05 crf 250x parked in gully on main lot to left of entry
  6. nice video, i hope to have a cam this season.
  7. nice contribution
  8. welcome aboard... you will want to do suspension work next for the bikes prob 230 first. i recomend BBR fork springs and rear shock. i'm 5'7" and 175lbs with riding gear. check my garage for some of the mods that i did, baby steps.
  9. Ouch.. I'm on my third set of bars. First riding season for me.
  10. Photo shoot, no problem. the wife has an 05 trx 250ex, its cool for her. she bombs up and down the trails and jumps. she's fearless on it, look at My Garage her wheeler is there.
  11. LOL, bazarro world or something. dude thats funny! where do you live in town? i'm east by powers blvd.
  12. she is 5'5" 133 perfect B, and half Asian all hard wood floor.
  13. we do alot of trail riding at rainbow falls or rampart. sometimes we go up to the mountains and ride off roading trails for the day. i don't take the wife to rampart much, it gets to technical for her on the 4 wheeler.
  14. thanks airtime, more to come from colorado..
  15. my wife helped with contributions..