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  1. ^^ Drz - You drill another 5/16" hole just above it. Look at the pic. The thing to watch for is to not drill it too deep, but if your careful it's no big deal. I'll see if I can get a better pic of one of mine
  2. If you have not tried the clutch lever mod - It works and it's a lot easier than the actuator arm extension. I have an 03 450 and 04 250f and it makes a huge difference. Best thing is that it costs $0 and takes no more than 10-15 minutes.http://www.allthingsmoto.com/forums/showthread.php?t=994 It's one of the best KISS methods i've seen(Keep it simple stupid)
  3. Actually I'm not from Houston - I was just checking for a friend of mine that is. I have Pitsters. Thanks for the websites - I already had sent him Squid 2, the others will help
  4. Any pitbike tracks around Houston? Thanks
  5. No offense taken - I didn't see this happen, but is what he described to me. This guy isn't a newbie to mx racing - has raced and worked on bikes for some 30 years. I'm pretty sure that he knows what he's seeing. That being said, as I said in the original post, I'm not looking for the reason (or why) but if anyone has had any serious problems w/ their 06
  6. I would guess that what ever happened in the cylinder came back through the carb - Kinda like when you back fire -
  7. Anyone w/ an 06 had any problems? A friend of mine that takes extremely good care of all his bikes, had an 06 "blowup". He was riding behind his son which was on the 250F and sparks started flying out the tailpipe. They found some aluminum in the air filter. *Not looking for an answer to the "blowup", just checking to see if anyone has had any serious problems w/ their 06 Thanks
  8. I have a wiring diagram - If you will go to texaspitbikes.com and leave your email, i will get it sent to you
  9. ^^^Because they are. Look there are several companies in this market, some support their product and others don't. USA Motor Toys (which owns PitsterPro) does. We've had several PitsterPros and have had good response from the bike and the company. Good luck!
  10. That's funny - Just supports that Men are from mars and women from venus
  11. That was a good interview and one that Bubba kept his wins "real". Liked his attitude.
  12. Funny!
  13. I don't care who you are - that's funny!
  14. Yea that my friends bike - He said the same thing-I think so too.. He has a graphics sign company and changes out his graphics fairly regular.
  15. Thanks XR -your a scholar and and a gentleman!!!