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  1. never mined guys. im riding the xt225 for now on. thanks though, ill be checking out a 250 when i get some money.
  2. thats cold. lol so the majority is at a 250cc. thanks at least i have a size to lean to. what are your personal favs for brands.
  3. thanks ill check a few of these out.
  4. well, it would probably be in the cheap range to low meduim, and yes my parents would let me ride, they're very supportive in whatever i do. ive been feeling the yamahas or hondas. thanks again
  5. no..i have a friend that rides a 250 blaster but thats it. ive rode a yamaha xt225 but thats it. i will most likely be riding trails and in fields and stuff. thanks brian
  6. hello all, i want to get into riding dirtbikes and i was wondering if you could lead me in a direction. im 14, about 5'7" and 145 pounds. what do you suggest that i check out? thanks brian