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  1. jamesyy

    Should I replace This Rim?

    No dis-respect for the advice given by fellow members but take it to an expert wheel builder and do not take a chance on advice from a third party on a web site.I'ts your skin and bones my friend
  2. My younger brother and his mate stole my dirt bike and wrapped it around an old [English]telephone box.Those things are solid and they both ended up in hospital.My brother still suffers with his shoulder even after 30 years has passed
  3. jamesyy

    My New (To Me) Bike! Pics!

    We cannot buy the KDX over here in Aussie.That is a great buy.It looks superb
  4. jamesyy

    My New Bike (Pics)

    I think that in the future the chinese will make some very good bikes but for now I would spend my $1800 on a second hand Jap/European bike.This is only my opinion and I have been known to be wrong in the past
  5. jamesyy

    Idaho single track w/ pics

    That's better! Back to the photos.Looks like great riding.Are there any companies/clubs hiring bikes and doing dirt bike tours in this area?
  6. Not sure a helmet or even a complete set of armour is going to save most of those poor souls:bonk:
  7. jamesyy

    Now THIS is a start!!!

    It sounds great too!
  8. jamesyy

    Before & After - RMZ250 '07

    It looks good but "No dis-respect" to you but I would have definitely had that back end fixed before giving it the bling thing
  9. jamesyy

    getting shocked through the bars

    G'Day,I have made some further investigation and found that a problem like this occurs with the front brake light switch [on newer WRs with painted Pro Taper bars] not earthing properly.The fix is to scrape off a little of the paint where the perch clamps onto the bars to earth to the frame.I know that you ride a YZ but this may be of some use to you.
  10. Hi 426,I didn't mean to offend you with my suggestion.The thread would have been stripped when the bolt was inserted and not when you extracted it.I would personally use a tap and die set with grease first then I would flush 2 or 3 times.Squirting any liquid into the orifice would not guarantee success for removal of the smallest metals.I hope this helps and good luck
  11. jamesyy

    new guy to this part of the forum

    Hi,That $5000US equates to $7350AU dollars and that is a great price in anyones language.I've had two WRs and both have had dry head bearings from new so make sure you grease all the bearings and linkages.YZs look beautiful when new.It looks like you have a bit of land to ride so "let it rip mate".
  12. Hi,Please do not squirt any liquids into any holes.Simply flush out with a cheap oil.The bolt hole may just need a clean out with a tap and die set.It sounds like you have minimal mechanical experience so I suggest you let the bike shop help you out
  13. jamesyy

    getting shocked through the bars

    Hi,not sure if this will help but years ago I had a road bike that was doing the same thing.It felt that I was getting shocks through the handle bars and the foot pegs.It took me a long time to find out what it was as it only happened when it rained.The spark plug lead was shorting out on the tank.The road bike had a metal tank but your leads could be touching another part of your bike.Hope this helps:banghead:
  14. jamesyy

    The Extraction BTW What Were You Guys Thinking

    I'm not sure wether you guys need applauding or a safety bollocking but that's a great story and pics.Thanks
  15. jamesyy

    2006 or 2007

    The 07 looks great.Love the frame/head and tail lights/plastic bash plate and if it has more low down power then I am sold