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  1. gwhtfrd

    360 view!!!

  2. gwhtfrd

    360 view!!!

    w00t:-D that is a fine looking bike
  3. What is the best offroad bike of alltime?
  4. gwhtfrd

    Deciding on my perfect bike

    Is the WR250f gunna be bad for jumping as well? or is it lighter then most other enduro bikes
  5. gwhtfrd

    Deciding on my perfect bike

    I heard KTM's are pretty good enduro bikes, what about them
  6. gwhtfrd

    Deciding on my perfect bike

    oh btw in my first post i meant kx 100 not xr 100 or rm
  7. gwhtfrd

    Deciding on my perfect bike

    That is why i need a new bike: ) im 14 i just grew a crap load
  8. At the moment i own a k100. Im looking to get something ALOT better for trail riding. Currently im 5'8, I want something bigger and more powerful, basically just the BEST trail bike out there... any suggestions
  9. gwhtfrd

    Questions about my KX100

    I was wondering, i recently bought a 2006 kx 100. I have been looking at aftermarket parts for my kx 100, such as, handle bars, graphic kits, and exhaust pipes and sileners, now heres my point... when im looking at the parts theres usually a place where you can choose the year of the bike you want the part to fit on... for ex. 1998-2005, now will the parts that only go to 2005... will they still fit on my 2006 kx100?