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    You could get into some ok starting paying slots with fast advancement because of your age and ability to fake responsible smart white guy... but they are seriously clamping down on hours company wide. Had you gone that route last year you would be fighting for 40 hours today.
  2. BOLT Performance

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

  3. BOLT Performance

    CA Race thread

    Frank I use the old tried and true Fox Airframe like this one BigBob just picked up...http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1213518-thru-fire-rain-and-the-parting-of-the-sea-no-longer-departed-i-have-returned-we-ride/page-2#entry13514481 Has saved me a few times on chest to boulder impacts... and to date it has never broken. The shoulder cup even saved my shoulder from worse damage than I got about 6 months ago when I tried to tackle a boulder like a line backer. I broke some stuff but the Doc said I was looking at total shattered shoulder without it. Others may work as well or better... but this is the one I know.
  4. BOLT Performance

    Is Cali what it's cracked up to be? Need advice

    It's easy to rip Cal for it's problems. But most people can do that where ever they live. I started looking at leaving seriously 3 years ago. Wanted out of the rat race. Found that AZ, NV, Id all had their issues too. I found what I was looking for here in a different environment... where people hold doors for each other and say Hello... and you can own land and a home for a reasonable price... with riding out your front or back door. But you have to build a life of self reliance where you make your own money to have these kind of freedoms no matter where you live.
  5. BOLT Performance

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Guys if I drive to the top of a hill at 3 AM... and drop off the side in the middle of the night living large... just wish my family well and don't make excuses for me cause you like or dislike what I was riding or driving at the time. ATV, BTV, CTV or ZTV hating at times like this is silly. Anyway lets not ThumperTalk this thread into ugly. It's all about the families now... and whatever awareness this tragedy can bring this coming week for YOUR family. Happy Holidays to you all.
  6. BOLT Performance

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    It was a 500 foot drop. But sure... lets start the blame game. Pick your fav soap box and let r rip. ANY WAY... REST IN PEACE FELLAS. Hopefully this long holiday week people will keep these boys tragedy in mind and have a safe and sane celebration. Maybe in the end they will save some lives with their own this holiday. RIP
  7. BOLT Performance

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Thats a lie Joe... I live in the desert ! Hope they find these guys soon... and healthy.
  8. BOLT Performance

    FOJ Fencing EP15

    Thats great... the worst riding area in the state. I bet the land owners that sold their worthless piece of desert to the state were thrilled to be rid of it... cause no one else was gonna buy it. I still can't believe people actually pay to ride there !
  9. BOLT Performance

    FOJ Fencing EP15

    Is a trail closed when a bureaucrat draws a line on a map... or is it closed when 2 guys in an auger equipped F350 bore holes and sink posts into the earth to build a barricade ? Trails in and around JB & Dove were closed in the 80s. Nothing much was done by BLM in signage, barricades or enforcement. Many, if not most ohvers, thought those trails were open until green sticker grant money paid FOJ to sign & barricade decades later. BLM didn't shove this money down FOJs throat. FOJ applied to the state for it... got it.... and pro-actively CLOSED DOWN those trails for real. Previously it was a legal concept. FOJ and green sticker dollars made it an on the ground reality. Part of me thinks that volunteer groups enabled by green fund money are kinda like unions. They have taken on a life of their own no longer serving the body they represent. Not so different from our derailed gov that seeks to impose on the folks that they are supposed to serve. I am ready for the experiment that is coming: "no more green funds". The feds will have to stop taking money from CA tax payers to pad BLM and Forest Serv budgets. FOJ and others will have to get back to volunteering like the old days... picking up trash by hand and leaving the govs business to the gov which will have no resources to bother a few dirt bikes wandering the vast and isolate desert.
  10. BOLT Performance

    FOJ Fencing EP15

    Is a few trails. Not dead. Just takes a LOOOONG time. Supposed to be in the 2012 list of FS todos to get this done. If it happens I expect 2013 for tires on new trails. (Which are really just existing trails not currently in the official system.) Also trying to get 3n14 from 2n01 to Redonda Ridge (1w17) reopened to green sticker too.
  11. BOLT Performance

    FOJ Fencing EP15

    The point is Ridgecrest BLM doesn't have the man power or money to facilitate and enforce any wide spread closure without the resources of FOJ. There is a very reasonable argument to be made that if there had NEVER been an FOJ that closures would be nothing more than lines on a map in a Ridgecrest Gov office with little on the ground impact to riders. No one involved with FOJ wants to hear that point of view after millions of dollars and thousands of man hours have been spent. It's unknowable... but a curious thought.
  12. BOLT Performance

    FOJ Fencing EP15

    The 25% of the fund used for law enforcement pays for dirt bikes... radios... trailers and trucks to get the dirt bikes and radios to riding areas... hours for cops that could be setting up speed traps or catching real crooks. The Federal Gov and State Gov and Volunteers like FOJ all get these grants from the fund. With most of the money going to signage... restoration projects (trail closing)... law enforcement... studies to decide if and where to give us a pit toilet or picnic table it is hard to see much good in all of it. The most substantial thing that actually enhances trail opportunities is the volunteer trail work we all do. But our volunteer hours are tabulated... an hourly rate applied... and the total dollars are used by the .GOVs and .ORGs as matching dollars to get more money from the fund... so for every $100 worth of effort I give... I get $25 worth of cops on dirt bikes managing me... and another $25 worth of fences and trail closure signs posted. Maybe if we just worked quietly on our trails and didn't join any .ORGs we could have nice trails without funding our own cops to chase us off the trails we build and maintain. I have met some cool people inside the machine that give me hope from time to time... but I'll never figure out what the right thing to do is... and I too feel completely disenfranchised much of the time.
  13. BOLT Performance

    Cheap Place in Red MTN W/RV parking

    I could handle the $15k...but $180 per year in property taxes would KILL ME ~!