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  1. Erick584


    If i was you I'd check ebay and see what you can find for used oem subframes. I picked mine up last fall for $50. Good luck
  2. Erick584


    My experience with an AC subframe resulted in the mid-pipe bracket cracked, a small cross brace on the upper front broke out, and a cracked weld. I'd try and stick with OEM if I were you. -erick
  3. Erick584

    YZ450F Oil Filter drain bolt stripping

    That's a pretty common problem. My 250f stripped out so I drilled it out and put a heli-coil in. It's held up great after numerous oil changes and a year's worth of racing.
  4. Erick584

    clicking sound off of first gear.

    It sounds stupid, but how loose is your chain?? If it's fairly loose it could be slapping the inside of your subframe and that's the clicking sound that you hear. It happened to me and I finally figured it out. Just a thought. Erick
  5. Erick584

    will this fit?

    Almost all aftermarket plastic comes in the same shape as stock so you should be able to mix and match companies if you choose.
  6. Erick584


    I think N-style makes one too. Not 100% sure though.
  7. Erick584

    Plans for start gate

    Yea I've seen a bungee start like that too at some of the local fair races or tracks where they only have like 2 races a year. All it is is 2 bungee straps hooked permantly on the outsides of the gate. then there's 1 pole in the middle with a pin threw it. you then hook the ends of the 2 bungees on the pin so that you can pull the pin out of the pole and the bungees will slip off the end of the pin that they were hooked on and spring towards the sides since there will be tension pulling them that way. Hope i was clear enough.
  8. Erick584

    Is it safe to change oil brands?

    Changing brands is perfectly fine, just don't mix them.
  9. Erick584

    what bike

    I would say the 250f since it takes a lot less effort to go fast vs. the 125 that you have to be constantly on it to go fast. The 250f will allow you to ride a little mone conservative to I feel. IMO
  10. Erick584

    Starting to Race.

    I also would vote for staying in wrestling. You only have 4 years of your life when you can wrestle, unless you go to college, but you have the rest of your life and all summer to race mx. I also wrestle and play football in the fall and winter and race in the summer. Well this year mx overlapped football a bit and now i'm out for 6 weeks due to a dislocated shoulder and pinched nerve. I always said that if you truely love something you will never even think of quiting it. just a thought, erick
  11. Just take them to the track and show them how amerature racing is like 1 big happy family. Here in WI it seems that almost everyone knows everyone and on any givin day if you need a favor from anyone they will gladly help you out. I have made lots of new friends and so have my parents since I started racing. It seems that most of the parents at the track care just as much about other kids as they do their own. That's what I think makes motocross so special. just a thought, erick
  12. Erick584

    Elbow Pads

    I bought a set and wore them for about 5 mins and threw them away! I had the Oneal ones that are like a sleeve and they were just too hot and uncomfortable. I haven't tried any other types.
  13. Erick584

    Dislocated shoulder

    Yea playing this week is totally out of the question. I have to go see a specialist on friday to get a brace and find out what i should do to help it rehab quicker. I'm hopin I can play in about 3 or 4 weeks. My coach told me not to even ask to play until the doc clears me so whatever he says goes!
  14. Erick584

    Dislocated shoulder

    Yea mine was dislocated. I'm going to see our athletic trainer today. He said that they're gonna give me a brace to help keep it in place. I hope that it doesn't keep popping out because it's pretty painful!
  15. Erick584

    Dislocated shoulder

    Umm I'm not sure what degree. All i know is that it was completely out by looking at the x-rays and they said about 4 weeks. I have to go see a bone specialist this week and he has the final say i guess. i'm just pissed off cuz i was riding awesome and I was supposed to start for our first varsity football game of the year next friday night.