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  1. NoMoSmokin

    Riding Gorman Friday 12/30

    I will be there with some of my buddies. We come in the Smokey Bear entrance and stay at the first area on the right with a crapper. I will be riding a CRF450x followed by a CRF250x and an older KX250. If you see us, roost the guy on the green bike.
  2. NoMoSmokin

    CRF service manuals

    Anyone out there have one for an 05 450X?
  3. NoMoSmokin

    crf450x updates

    I proved I am a jerk by pointing him to the search button at the top... whatever. I am sure all of the help you gave in your post is much appreciated. And the cliff thing was a joke. As you can see from my sig, I ride a 450X also.
  4. NoMoSmokin

    crf450x updates

    Not trying to be a jerk but this has been answered many times. Use the search function, read a few threads, then ask some questions. BTW: The search button is located at the top of the page. Anyway, it is heavier than the R so you can drive it off a cliff and it might go faster.
  5. NoMoSmokin

    how do you get the bearing out of the cam.

    I have a special tool for it. I can sell it to you for $100. Shoot me a PM.
  6. NoMoSmokin

    Better bulb for the X

    Just a little tip: When you replace the bulb, dont touch it with your fingers. The oils from your fingers will cause the bulb to fail prematurely. If you do get finger oils on there, wipe the bulb down with some alcohol.
  7. NoMoSmokin

    Dumb Honda Dealer need help!!!

    H# is the type of base of the bulb. As stated above, the X has an H6M. It is a 35/35W. And yes the dealer should have definately known. REFERENCE: http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/electrical.html One more thing, dont touch the bulb with your fingers. The oils from your fingers will cause the bulb to fail prematurely. If you do get finger oils on there, wipe the bulb down with some alcohol.
  8. NoMoSmokin


    So what kind of grease should i use for most of the stuff on my bike. Susp linkage, headset, axles, levers, throttle tube, footpegs, cable guides in throttle tube, etc. Can I use all the same stuff for everything? I have got a tub of Mobile 1 sitting around that just says "synthetic grease". Is that cool to use?
  9. NoMoSmokin

    Rev Limiter or Too Lean????

    Just went through jetting my X. Too rich at the top and it will kinda stumble a bit at WOT. It may clean out if it isnt too rich. Too lean and power will kinda flatten out and pop like you said. I still have a little popping. See this thread for my setup: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=291752&parentpage=7
  10. I helped one of the neighbor kids start my old 80's XR80 since it was flooded. I think I almost snapped the kickstarter since I was used to kicking my bike. I could start that bike with my hand. If you really have lots of miles on the XR250, my guess is it is fine too.
  11. NoMoSmokin

    [X] Wide open, 3/4 up in RPM, stutters

    OK, just got off the phone with JD Jetting. They said to go one richer on the main (to a 170). Well that sure messed things up. The bike stuttered like mad and must have had excess gas in the chamber or something cuz when I let off the throttle it really sounded like crap and died half the time. Obviously I went the wrong way. I went to a 162 and it is way better. It stuttered on me once so it still might be a little rich. I am gonna run it for a while like this and see if I need to go to a 160.
  12. I have a new 450X that I am trying to dial in. I am at sea level and it is about 75 degrees outside. I have done the following: JD Jetting: red needle, 165 Main, Fuel screw at 1.25 turns Smog removal Crank vent relocation Air box vents cut out and snorkel removed Removed backfire screen Pink Wire Exhaust baffle cut where the 4 thin points are. Overall, it is awesome now. I still need to work on the "off idle" performance since it dies occasionally if I really whack the throttle when it is idling. Gonna try a new leak for that. It is 99.9% better than stock though. My problem is that when I am wide open and about 3/4 of the way up in RPM, the bike stutters a bit and then after about half second picks right back up and hauls to max RPM. Ya think it is too rich or too lean?
  13. NoMoSmokin

    [X] Coming out and a few ?s

    So how do I know when I have gone too far out with the fuel screw? Not like falling out, but engine characteristic wise?
  14. NoMoSmokin

    [X] Coming out and a few ?s

    Well, I did what JTOJR said and put the fuel screw about 1 7/8 out. WOW! it was like a whole different bike. It idles and doesnt bog as much off idle. I cant believe Honda lets em go out the door like that. I ended up with a little over 2 turns out and stopped there. I didnt want to go too far out with it although I may try 2 1/2 out. If I whack the throttle real good it will still die off idle. This just made me look forward to my intake stuff on order that much more. Cant wait to be able to richen it up enough so that I can start to open up the in and out. In the mean time, its pink wire hunting time. Thanks guys.
  15. NoMoSmokin

    2005 price OTD?

    $6225! Damn, I just payed $6285 OTD fot a 450X at Thousand Oaks Honda in CA. Oh well. I probably saved myself money with gas at $3 a gallon.