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  1. mrhogghead

    So. Cal Dealer

    Several years ago a buddy of mine was talking about a So. Cal dealership that blew away everyone else in pricing. The only caveat was that the deal you got was for a bike still in the crate. I checked out the prices at the time and they were WAY cheaper. But for the life of me I can not remember the web address and have since lost contact with the guy. This ring a bell for anyone?
  2. mrhogghead

    RC Got His Points Back!

    HMMMM? Seems odd that RC got his points back. The trace amount of lead was BS anyway but no one gave Chad or James thier points back when they were found to be outside the limit. The AMA should sell all the compititors gas from a controlled batch so that if thier is a discrepancy, one would have to look at tampering.
  3. mrhogghead

    98 CR500 hub

    Does anyone know weather a 98 CR500 hub with work on a 04 CRF250? I've got a deal on a complete 19" wheel for flat tracking but am unsure if it will work. The hub and the bearings are the same part numbers. It looks like it would work as long as I use my stock axle and spacers. Any insight would be great!
  4. mrhogghead

    Free style

    Freestyle Blows! No I cant do a back flip or any host of other "stunts". But I wont qualify for a national anytime soon either. Seen one back flip, seen them all. Deegan and the Mulisha are lucky that they have found a nitch to make money with. Otherwise, they'd probibly be in the can with BenDover. Otherwise, they certainly wouldn't be making money racing. Metz getts around a track very good maybe he would be the exception to the rule. O, and then there is Travis. I love this kid! I just wish he could focus on one thing (not freestyle). If he's not injured, he can run with Bubba and Ricky. Just my humble opinion but I hope that it goes away.
  5. mrhogghead

    do oversized rotors help

    Just bought a EBC. Was going to buy the Braking or Galfer (witch are both the same) but I'm glad I saved the dough. Used the money I saved on an steel braided brake line. I know have one finger braking with a great deal more feel then ever before!
  6. mrhogghead

    05 WR computer pick up

    Thanks for the info!
  7. mrhogghead

    05 WR computer pick up

    If I build a wheel set using Talon hubs will the speedo pickup work on a Talon hub?
  8. mrhogghead

    SM tire, need a tire that works on gravel to

    The new Dunlop D616 on the Buell Ulysses look to be a good choice. They were designed to do exactly what you describe. http://www.buell.com/en_us/bikes_gear/ulysses/xb12x/index.asp
  9. mrhogghead

    Curtis Sparks Racing DRZ

    Please enlighten me burned! I really don't expect the power to weight ratio that I would get out of an CRF. If I wanted that I would find a Cali street legal YZ/CRF. What I want is something completely street legal (so I don't have a hassle with the DMV). But at 38 hp(or there about) combined with the weight, it looks to be a slug. Compared to my CRF with all of 50 and lower weight. Cams, carb, pipe, airbox... Are all given. But displacement seems the like to next obvious choice. Curtis is a local guy here in Bakersfield, has been building strong race motor for years, and I trust him. Just wanted to know if anyone else has upped the ante on one of these bikes? By the 55 hp is more in line with what I have in mind!
  10. mrhogghead

    Curtis Sparks Racing DRZ

    Is anyone running a Curtis Sparks big bore kit on their DRZ? I'm thinking about buying an SM. But I'm afraid that I'll have to kick it up a not just to come close to my strong running MX bike (2005 CRF450). Pipe, jet, intake, cams.... All given. But what I really want is a big bore! I know that he makes the LTZ400 motor rip in his quads! Seen them at Pismo sand dunes getting with the program.
  11. mrhogghead

    Wanted: 05 Silencer!!

    I've got a comlete 05 CRF exhaust that I need to clear out. PM me and we'll work something out!
  12. mrhogghead

    K&N Air Filter

    Is anyone running a K&N on their CRF? If so, how do you like it? Any suggestions on jetting? I'm currently running a stock filter set up with a Dr.D full exhaust. No jetting change as DR.D tech said to run stock jetting.
  13. mrhogghead

    Brake rotor

    Thinking of putting an oversized front rotor on my R. Any preferances? Leaning towards the Braking wave kit....