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  1. Never owned one, my kids are dragging me into it (not that I'm resisting). Can anyone give me suggestions on brands and things to consider? My thinking is to get a 3 rail open trailer, will be hauling a 450, 110 and 50cc for now, don't anticipate drives over 300 miles. Thanks.
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    I'm new, topic is old

    thanks, starting to lean towards XR400.
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    I'm new, topic is old

    thanks to all, great perspecitves.
  4. I'm new to off-roading and TT. This topic has been hit in various threads already, but to those willing to reply...My neighbor gave me (really my 7 yr old) a '88 Honda Z50R. Nice right? But free really means "great, now you're signed up for 10's of thousands of $$!" 3 other boys behind my oldest, psyched to get them and also me into the sport. So my question is regarding my to be purchased bike. It looks like the finalists are Honda vs. Yamaha, CRFX vs. WRF, and 250 vs. 450. I'm 6'2", 200 lbs., will ride mostly summer in N. Cal. Owned a 750 crotch rocket in the early 90's, on a scale of 1-10, I'm probably a 5 rider. Thanks for the advice.