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  1. I installed the VM24-512 round slide on our 2005 TTR125E. Everything is stock: exhaust, filter, air box. The throttle is not as crisp as expected. If i turn the throttle slow the carb responds great. If i turn throttle quickly, there is a bog. I can get it to run OK with my settings and can ride it hard but nothing i seems to do get it perfect. I really dont know what i'm doing with the carb. Please see video of throttle response. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZSMy8sbed8
  2. 96MPH going down hill is the best i could push on my stock DRZ400SM. That was with the 38t rear sprocket. Course it was loaded down with 260lbs of me!
  3. Thanks for the help. Kenda270 is minimum 1" bigger radius than the street tire. It was worth a try. I have'nt build the front wheel yet. Now, I will be going with the Distanzia for Continentals. The front wheel will probably be 18".
  4. Not sure if tire size and rim combination are correct. Rim is 17" x 4.25" Tire is 5.10-17. I dont know how to translate the 5.10-17 tire size. Obviously, 17 is rim dia. Can someone please explain the 5.10 reference? Could be the 5.10 tire was not meant for a 4.25" rim width. I wasn't sure when i bought the tire. Looks like tire is meant for smaller width rim. Tire was cheap enough that i wanted to try it. Now that it's mounted, i'm not sure the fitment is correct. Before i go out and buy distanzias or continentals, i thought i'd get your opinion?