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  1. leo-ramirez

    TTR125 Mikuni VM24 carburetor. It works!

    I installed the VM24-512 round slide on our 2005 TTR125E. Everything is stock: exhaust, filter, air box. The throttle is not as crisp as expected. If i turn the throttle slow the carb responds great. If i turn throttle quickly, there is a bog. I can get it to run OK with my settings and can ride it hard but nothing i seems to do get it perfect. I really dont know what i'm doing with the carb. Please see video of throttle response. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZSMy8sbed8
  2. leo-ramirez

    How Fast Can You Go?

    96MPH going down hill is the best i could push on my stock DRZ400SM. That was with the 38t rear sprocket. Course it was loaded down with 260lbs of me!
  3. leo-ramirez

    Kenda 270 and 17"x4.25 rims

    Thanks for the help. Kenda270 is minimum 1" bigger radius than the street tire. It was worth a try. I have'nt build the front wheel yet. Now, I will be going with the Distanzia for Continentals. The front wheel will probably be 18".
  4. leo-ramirez

    Kenda 270 and 17"x4.25 rims

    Not sure if tire size and rim combination are correct. Rim is 17" x 4.25" Tire is 5.10-17. I dont know how to translate the 5.10-17 tire size. Obviously, 17 is rim dia. Can someone please explain the 5.10 reference? Could be the 5.10 tire was not meant for a 4.25" rim width. I wasn't sure when i bought the tire. Looks like tire is meant for smaller width rim. Tire was cheap enough that i wanted to try it. Now that it's mounted, i'm not sure the fitment is correct. Before i go out and buy distanzias or continentals, i thought i'd get your opinion?