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  1. I miss that guy. Jimmy? Anything you can do to help us out there?
  2. If I can convince them all to retire through these threads, maybe I can make it in the big leagues!
  3. No, he doesn't....but everybody else is starting these threads so I thought I'd be the first to call for Dungey's retirement.
  4. nscmj3

    Trip to watch SX and Outdoors

    Never been to Glen Helen pro race, but Hangtown is the National opener and there are TENS of thousands of people there. Absolutely insane. I live 9 miles away (from Hangtown), any particular questions you have PM away!
  5. nscmj3

    Pro bikes are so sick!

    No polish. Google or YouTube wpc treatment.
  6. nscmj3

    Hangtown 2016 tickets purchased!

    Not really sure what to expect....the usual pit pass, vip parking, tented bleachers, etc.....says something about a special pit tour, past big name riders wandering in and out, lunch buffet, yada yada. My step kids graduating this year, it's a present for him (and a treat for me no doubt!) It will either be jaw dropping good or ho hum, whatever. I'll be sure to post a full write up after the event!
  7. Went with the big daddy's this year....bought the $325 supertickets. Anybody else gonna be under the big top?
  8. Can't believe it's been 11 years...Christmas Eve 2004 my good friends wife/family learned their husband/father had been killed in Iraq. Bill and I shared many milestones together....commissioning in the US Army, seeing an ultrasound photo of his first born while riding in the back of an army truck on the way to the range, and others. RIP, Bill. You're sorely missed.Sherman to Grant.

  9. I'm rebuilding a 1990 KX250, and the swingarm pictured was on the bike. It's obviously not the correct one, as it doesn't match any OEM pictures. Also have a second 1990 KX250, and this one is clearly different. Ordered a swingarm bearing kit for said bike, and the bearings simply fall right through. I have no idea what bike this came off of, and would like to post it for sale, but I can't even begin to tell people what it is. Maybe a KX500? Anybody know what it came off of? Make me an offer, and it's yours if you like!
  10. Thanks for the info...I'm hoping that I don't need any aftermarket springs as I weigh 180lbs and am very much your "average" rider. I suppose they could be worn out, but...
  11. I'm very impressed! I misspoke, they are in fact 1990 each. Not sure how I got 1992 on the brain. Just curious, what was the giveaway?
  12. Which bike should I rebuild? The extra beat p one? Or the kinda beat up one? I'm talking about a total frame up restoration, back to showroom condition...
  13. Which bike should I rebuild? The extra crappy one? Or the kinda crappy one? I'm talking about a total frame up restoration, back to showroom condition...
  14. nscmj3

    El Dorado MX

    The word on facebook is that it was to open at 10am today. I drove out there to check it out at noon (take Shingle Springs Rd exit, turn right. entrance on your immediate left) and there were a few people standing around with bikes all loaded. Was met by a few trucks driving out, done for the day. Track looked pretty good! I absolutely wish I had my bike together, would have loved to hit some of those jumps (which didn't seem too wild, by the way)! Last update I saw was that riding was shut down after two laps due to dust. It sits right on the freeway, and I know being a good neighbor/safety for cars travelling is a major concern. Hopefully aggressive watering will fix the dust problem. Of course with this drought, it may cost too much to do. In all, I'm excited to have it so close and it looks like a quality facility! Thanks for bringing this to the area!