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    Converting a XR 650 to EFI

    I found this in the optimum-power GP control frequently asked questions area. Seems like a really interesting idea, although like qadsan said it may be pretty difficult to do unless you have experience with EFI systems. Wouldn't that kind of control be nice though! I'd love to be able to switch engine settings with the push of a button. From the GP control site: Q. Will GP Control adapt to a model you don't make a system for? A. We'd like to just say "no" but given enough engineering support, technical expertise, time and money, it could be possible to adapt one of our model specific systems to some other bike. The OEMs try very hard to keep their operating strategies a secret, so it's no simple task to create calibrations that will improve on stock. There's also packaging and electrical hardware and delivery issues that need to be worked out. We employ some of the finest engineers and technicians in the world to produce products superior to the huge factories, so it's no easy feat. We do our best to discourage anyone from trying to do this because we know what it really takes, and costs, to create a system that will perform to the highest possible level. Lots of people call wanting to tackle some really interesting projects. Some are one of a kind, others are looking for a potential business opportunity, some seem easy, others quite bizarre or complex. If someone does elect to proceed, they must do so at their own risk. Our engineering and design resources are fully consumed by the in house GP Control projects. We simply do not have the vast amount of additional resources necessary to accommodate special requests. (Back to menu) Bcdirt
  2. bcdirt

    Harley -> XR650R advice please

    Thanks Irondude. I may be interested. I've got to sell my street bike first, though. How quickly are they looking to sell those bikes? Where about are they located in Socal? That would be a pretty long drive from where I'm located (Chico, Ca north of Sacramento) but for the right machine I would probably be willing. Seems like there are not many 650's for sale around my area. People must be really happy with them. Bcdirt
  3. bcdirt

    Harley -> XR650R advice please

    So it sounds like you would have to try pretty hard to trash one of these bikes. I should be able to find a used one in great mechanical condition. As far as power is concerned, do most of you think the average rider would be more than happy after just uncorking? The reason I'm looking at the XR's is that I want gobs of power and unprecedented reliablity. I've owned lots of two strokes and I got tired of the constant engine work (not regular, but top end jobs, plugs, mixing gas, etc..). I think it's time for a big thumper. thanks Bcdirt
  4. bcdirt

    Harley -> XR650R advice please

    Thanks for the info everyone. I didn't know that it is a problem to get the R street legal in CA. That sucks.. Yeah, I'll probably look for one that is already done. I wonder why CA has such a problem with it? By design the HD v-twin does not exactly run clean when it comes to emissions (well, maybe before the uncorking). The 650R has got to run cleaner for emissions, if that's what they are worried about. I can't go for a five minute ride on the HD without getting that characteristic exhaust smell all over me. I live around the Chico area. Thanks BCdirt
  5. Hi Everyone, I currently own an 04 HD sportster 1200 custom and I am thinking about selling it, paying off some credit cards and buying a 650R. I rode dirt bikes constantly while growing up and I really miss being able to go off road and rip it up. My last bike was a CR500 and I loved that crazy eye popping feeling of acceleration. The harley moves pretty good, but it's just not the same. I am also tired of having to dodge soccer moms and other drivers that just don't pay attention. So, What should I expect to pay for a nice 650R? I'm not seeing many for sale around my area ( Northern CA). I'll probably be looking for something used (01-05). From what I've read, the 650 should satisfy my need for scary power and acceleration. I'll eventually put a dual sport kit on just so I have the option of riding it to the trails. Any pointers for buying used? What should I check, look for etc.. Any advice apreciated. -bcdirt