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  1. Flooded, I'll tell you what I did. I just went from stock 13/48 to 13/52 on my 03 XR250. I was planning on buying a chain from the TT store, but I wasn't sure what length to get. So I get on ebay and I found a DID 520VM chain in 120-link length, that way I have plenty of chain and I can just cut it to the right length. I almost always buy from the TT store, but for the chain, i saved a ton of money buying it from ebay - and I got a better chain than I was planning on getting for less that the chain I was going to buy from the TT store. Anyway, just a suggestion
  2. Did anybody ever figure this out? I know the Utah sport chain guide will work. I'm thinking about custom fabricating a chain slider of my own for my 03 XR250R. I'd like to know the following, for those of you who have ran a 52T sprocket: 1. What is the diameter difference between the stock 48T sprocket and the 52T sprocket? 2. How long of a chain is needed with the 52T sprocket. Currently, I am running stock gearing: 13T and 48T with a 106 link chain.
  3. I'm looking for the ultimate ramp for loading my xr250 into my new 08 Tacoma. In the past, i've just used an old shelf board that worked fine on my little 85 toyota pickup. But the new bed is significantly higher, so I think its time i invest in a decent ramp. I've looked at Ready Ramp, which is a ramp AND bed extender, but they are super expensive and I don't think i'll use the bed extender that much. What I think I want is a fold-in-half aluminum ramp. I'd like it to be pretty strong, just in case I need to use it for loading my street bike (~500 lbs.) Any and all suggestions are welcome!
  4. I would guesstimate that I probably can do 70mph with it stock. Its powerful enough to make street legal and ride around on surface streets but I probably wouldn't want to ride it on the freeway for any longer than just a short hop. I think there is a thread here in the XR 250/400 forum about top speeds so see if you can find that. You could also gear it down a bit to get a little more top end if you need it.
  5. I have a 2003 XR250 and I love it. I am 5'8" and 160 lbs and it has ample power for anything I want to do with it. The vast majority of my riding is tight trails and the 250 is perfect for that type of riding. I have found that when I hop onto an road or some other sort of really wide open riding, the 250 is not "underpowered" but it won't blow your socks off either. If you plan on riding a lot of wide open stuff, you may find the 250 to be a little bit underpowered but it sounds like you will be doing trail riding so you should be fine. This bike is a total billy goat so you will definately appreciate that over the "ole' 2 smokes". Have fun!!! Welcome to TT!
  6. Trail 1 has been going through the loggers camp (or the loggers have been camping on that trail) since at least last year (which was the first time I personally rode that trail). So that is normal. But the ~1 mile section that was Catepillared to CRAP is a new thing. They did it a couple months ago, before the fire so it doesn't have anything to do with the fire that was up there. I don't know why they tractored it to hell but it is definately lame. Its like dune riding for a mile. You can see where they put in some water bars which have already been somewhat decimated by people riding over them while they were super soft.
  7. bcazan you are the man for setting this website up. I just registered there so I can start sharing track logs, etc. I just got my Garmin etrex Vista Cx like a month ago and I'll be taking it on its first ride this Saturday. Way to go setting up a site just for us dirt-riding, gps users. Hopefully it will grow and be used by many people.
  8. sounds like a killer deal will have a blast on the will crawl through the tight stuff much better than your yz could have!!! HAVE FUN!!!
  9. I have the Pro Taper SE (7/8) in the CR High bend (which is a bend that is highly recommended by many XR 250 riders. I love them. They are perfect height for standing and they are super strong. I haven't had any catastrophic crashes with them yet but I am sure they will hold up if I do.
  10. There is no packing inside these exhausts. But you are definately missing the other half of the baffle on the inside. I will post a picture of mine tonight when I get home from work and you will see what I am talking about. Basically you are missing the entire spark arrestor portion. It will be clear when you see a picture...check back tonight.
  11. I'll post a pic tomorrow of the inside end of my baffle doesn't have any holes in it, so my guess would be that the previous owner of your bike drilled those holes in there to increase the flow. Thats just a guess but knowing that mine doesn't have any holes, thats probably what happened. I think that technically that puts holes that theoretically would allow sparks to get through, so it might be circumventing the arrestor all-together. I'll post in the morning...tired now...
  12. Here are two pictures of my exhaust mods on my 2003 xr250r. I drilled (3) 7/32" holes in the exhaust baffle end, as you can see in the pictures. I chose that size because elsewhere on these forums I read that that size can be easily filled by set screws. I find it to be a little bit noisier: it makes it a little bit more "thumpy" and a little less "purry" but it sounds good and its nothing too objectionable. The sound increase is only slightly noticeable with the three holes. As you can see if you have the same type of baffle end, these holes are still inside the spark arrestor, so no problems there. When I drilled the holes, I just shook the baffle up and down until all the pieces of metal came out, which was really easy. This is a very easy mod. Tomorrow will be my first ride with this mod along with a jet increase from the California stock 122 to the 135 and removing the snorkle from the airbox (i had already upgraded to a UNI air filter). If you need any more pics of have questions, feel free. I am happy to share knowledge. But it is really easy and any questions you might have about this mod are probably better cleared up by just getting in the garage and doing it.
  13. So how do i get to middle creek...I'm not familiar with that area so direct me please!!
  14. oh i'm definately going to be doing that ride on sunday too!!! I haven't ever done it before so we were planning on just exploring. It would be sweet to meet up there. When are you going to be there? Oh, BTW, I think its called Robinson Flat. There is a camping area up there that I have always wanted to camp at but the only times I've been up there were on street bikes so I never went any further on the road.
  15. Thanks for the responses. So it seems like Knoxville is not the first choice in the area? We have ridden Stonyford the last couple weekends and its been a blast but we were just looking for something new and I had just vaguely heard about Knoxville so I thought I would check it out. Plus we are just going to make it a day trip so we didn't want to go TOO far. Another thing is the friend I'll be riding with is on a red sticker bike (LAME) so we have to keep that in mind too. So which place would you suggest for the best riding right now? We are looking for some decent trail riding, nothing extremely difficult and no on-road stuff (at least not yet, i'm working on trying to get my XR D-sported, yeah I know, good luck with that). If it sounds like something you'd be interested Ossi, or anybody else in the area, it be great to meet up with some other riders. We'll be heading out of Vacaville around 8:30 Saturday morning and will plan on riding all day. Thanks again for the help guys.